Adrian Adrid

Blue Hawaii

Hawaii: one might associate it with the fantasy of sipping on more or less strong cocktails your feet deep in white sand for a brief period of time, more than with actually living there and skating under the scorching sun… But, this is what the locs do, and trust us they do it well and right! If this local production does not put a smile on your face and fire in your heart, we guarantee a full refund!

Jake Johnson alert!

Where he reminds us all, in a few tricks, who is The Chosen One, while Ronnie Sandoval holds a master class in being a stylish ATV…

Feel good

Here, enjoy a bit of sun rays, straight outta Los Angeles… That should put us all in the mood for Spring, because, it is HERE!

The dose…

Heroin skateboards is coming back with a full-length, and this time, they made it all High Definition! Yep, good shit!

The fun movement

It is interesting that in the city counting the most pros per habitant in the world, and where it is a "real" status, therefore respected and sought after, you can still find kids skating together and filming each other, and as everywhere else in the world, some are "good", some are less talented, some are "well dressed", some are not, and watching that is just great. And for the professional critics, let's remind you all that this is a throwaway edit from one of the young filmers of L.A. A little breath of fresh (yet polluted) air.

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