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Tonic livin'!

In the underwear department, let us present you the collab' that you REALLY need: Lousy Livin' X Tonic skateboards… Yep, it is a thing!

Tonic punch!

Find here some news from the good city of Rennes! As you would expect, those are good ones, filled with laughter… That does not slow down one of the most active French scenes one bit, and boy do they put their (vintage) fits to the test!

Can you feel it?

We have been living under the Tonic menace for a minute, now, but shit just got real… The Rennes locs have been amongst the most active but also the most original in France for a few years, now, so it was only a question of time before they started their own thing. The real beauty lies in the fact that follow no rule! Then again, they never looked like they would, but Tonic really is "100" as you say on Instagram. We won't even pinpoint Hugo Maillard as he is his usual French King of Quick Feet, but we'll note the appropriation of one of the most insane bass line in the history of House Music.

(Note to self: work on a sociological essay about the late popularity of House amongst young skaters in the 2010's… Hell, is there even a hip name for that decade?)

Tonic Youth!

You might not know, yet, but things are brewing, West of Paris, under the moniker of Tonic, and knowing those guys, they are not gonna follow the hoard! Here, you stand warned!

Alexis Jamet & friends / PREMIERE

Alexis is amongst those always active skaters without ever trying to get under the spotlight, to the point of turning that part he was filming with Romain Batard in "Alexis Jamet & Friends". That should already tell you a lot about the character, until we share a conversation with those two. His paintings are also put in volumes by Romain, here, to expose another side of Monsieur Jamet. This part should also be seen as a little window into what is going on West of Paris, which is mostly great things to be honest! Another Live exclusive, for the day!

Still there

Wack MC's had called them finished, but the Brothers gang are back on the mike, and ready to reap your ears out! Well, your eyes… We can only praise Pacôme Gabrillagues for reppin' Live so hard, proof of an undeniable good taste! Oh, yeah, that Hugo Maillard guy still rip, also… Basically, Rennes is still an happening skate town, and everybody should dig it!

Night birds

If you were wondering what Hugo Maillard and his Rennes buddies are up to, well, they (almost) all live together, and skate at night! Seriously, this Nokia series keeps delivering!

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