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PREMIERE / Diligent "Queen Mary II" / Flo Bavouzet / INTERVIEW

We were foretelling you just yesterday: the year two thousand nineteen is prone to be packed with video releases aplenty, as visibility now makes for the most critical sinews of war. This time, it is Lyon, France-based Diligent Skateboards that is presenting you their newest production (marking the second clip from a French company to drop in just two days since New Year's), and they're making it clear that the aforementioned war is none of their concern. Their full-length "Queen Mary II" is a pretty blatant demonstration of just that, so LIVE Skateboard Media went to catch up with Diligent founder Flo Bavouzet, pretty credible in the role of the French underground O.G., in order to chit chat about what he cared about instead.

BMG volume 7

Here you get the perfect follow-up to yesterday's post, with this new edit featuring Victor Campillo and all the homies! Marseille, its streets and the danger of not having someone on watch at the end of the alley!

it hurts my ears!

Fan of long choreographed sequences and soundtracks of good taste are not going to dig this one much, and, let's say it, you should just mute this! But, if you bear the post-constructivist editing, let's salute the fact that Sammy Idri doesn't seem too fazed to live in a town known for one single spot, and makes the most of his environment, with a big smile. And we can only back him on that!


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