Victor Naves

All or nothing

"ALL OR NOTHING" is the name of Nîmes, France-based skateboarder Victor Naves' new "web part" (as the most artless kids insist on calling those things), and you might remember his name and proneness to impact from the Diligent Skateboards videos, another local brand gone as of last year. Victor is one of the hyperactive suburban breed - when it comes to collecting clips, quite obviously but also when it comes to media activism in general, on his very personal scale via his Instagram feed @skatedashit - one he utilizes as though to make up for the attention (or lack thereof) the regions the most isolated from the industrial hot spots are regularly missing throughout the country. The same kind of sheer work is what he also put in this new clip, filmed over five years spent between Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Paris, Barcelona and the Nîmes region - just to put it on the map - looking for a collection of all the classic terrain types, and showcasing his take on every one of them. For Victor, skateboarding really is all or nothing!

The Magic, Diligent Van

Diligent Skateboards is a France-based board brand ran by local O.G. Flo Bavouzet, whose name you might remember from this recent interview with him of (y)ours. An instance that originally marked the web release of their previous video: "Queen Mary II" featuring skateboarders Arthur Fontis, Victor Naves, Ben Raitano, Remi Larnoud, Sammy Idri, Mathieu Sabourin and Florian Bac, as well as Flo himself. Their new offering: "Spécial Dilivan" is yet again signed by Romain Gerlach, and amounts to a total of four minutes of cool skating on some rad spots only awaiting you. This time, the concept is a spoof on The Magic School Bus, hereby revisited to resemble Flo's van (that he already brought up in his interview before), regularly utilized by the whole crew as their diligence from location to location whilst on their trips... Artwork that went as far as being applied to a deck graphic, courtesy of team rider and graphic designer Florian Bac. Dedication!

PREMIERE / Diligent "Queen Mary II" / Flo Bavouzet / INTERVIEW

We were foretelling you just yesterday: the year two thousand nineteen is prone to be packed with video releases aplenty, as visibility now makes for the most critical sinews of war. This time, it is Lyon, France-based Diligent Skateboards that is presenting you their newest production (marking the second clip from a French company to drop in just two days since New Year's), and they're making it clear that the aforementioned war is none of their concern. Their full-length "Queen Mary II" is a pretty blatant demonstration of just that, so LIVE Skateboard Media went to catch up with Diligent founder Flo Bavouzet, pretty credible in the role of the French underground O.G., in order to chit chat about what he cared about instead.

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