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LIVE has brought them up on quite a few occasions beforeDeep Dish is the Chicago-based collective with a knack for independent production, be it in paper or video form. Today, they are back (although they really never left) with "Seven" - not the remake of the David Fincher movie one would understandably expect, but the seventh installment in their video series, which makes at least just as much sense. Given that Mark Dunning, guilty of the video editing tasks as usual, recently had to relocate to the East Coast due to work, the local Jon Schmoldt is the one who came through with stacking most of the Loop tapes - and that was all in between knee injuries. Eventually, the process took a whole pair of years, the final product came out just in time for the seventh anniversary of the first Deep Dish video and zine, Brett Weinstein, CJ Kelly and the always surprising, never-not-playful Steffen Watts earned themselves full sections, Sean Cullen got his revenge and the most gourmet gourmandizers of you might even catch a taste of Hopps in the recipe, as it turns out Jahmal Williams and Dustin Eggeling both did just that - hopped... - on the party.

Tarjeta de América Latina…

Panamá, Lima, Buenos Aires… Now, we're talking! They did not pretend to go search for Animal Chin, here, those Snack dudes, to the point of even team up with the locs from ASCO… The kind of tourism we dig, interactive and curious. Hell, even the known spots are used with a different approach!


Sean Cullen is all about collectedness, in this part from the Rock'n'Roll project we've mentioned here already… That should help you start your week!

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