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We were already bringing up Josh Stewart earlier today, as the independent filmmaker from Florida was recently invited to the Croatian Vladimir Film Festival, for its 2019 iteration which actually just came to an end and LIVE already has covered, here (quite the must-see for any respectable fan of the "STATIC" video series).

Well, now the unstoppable work pace of the man is made obvious again as, in between trips and exhibitions, he just happens to be the author of this new montage for Dial Tone (the wheel brand for those who miss the original telephones). If you aren't familiar, then just look at that line-up: you're in for new, excellent footage of - amongst others - Jahmal Williams, Ben Gore, Kevin Liedtke, Alexis Sablone, Christian Maalouf, Brian Powderly and Jordan Trahan; and it all rolls beautifully, as though captured on everyone's oh-so-impertinent daily routine.

The animations are by Cosme Studio.

Still cold?

Saturday Night Hop(p)s

2018 is over already; the web clip of the year just dropped. Josh Stewart, of classic independent video series "Static" and underground institution Theories Of Atlantis fame, was hired by Converse to capture the essence of the brand's newest collaboration capsule with Jahmal Williams' (delicious) board company, Hopps Skateboarding. Now in his forties, Jahmal is a living legend of East Coast skateboard throughout the decades and most importantly, never ever stopped doing his thing; pure passion is what translates in his style based on quick reflexes, creative spot use, timeless smoothness and sharp aesthetics, as you can yourself attest upon watching the resulting short film (no less) capturing his exploration of N.Y.C. alongside another OG: Steve Brandi. Not one to just pump out lazy ads, Josh went for a truly cinematographic approach and mixed media pairing incredible Super 8 and 16 mm shots of the Big Apple and its landscape with his trademark laser-cut VX-1000 clips of people skating it amazingly. The final mix is an absolute hit, and reminiscent of traditional local fragrances such as Dan Wolfe's "Eastern Exposure" series or "A Love Supreme" by Thomas Campbell. You'll be rewatching this one!


A little who's who of the Theories camp, where personal favorite Brett Weinstein holds it down the way he knows how!


A new wheels company? Sure, why not…  With that line-up, well, hell, yeah, count us in! That first edit got it all right, so it's looking good for Dial Tone!

Son of Love

Mark Del Negro is one hell of a product of his environment… From impeccable technique, even on precarious terrain, to complex lines in style, one could draw a family tree of East Coast skateboarding, from Love Park slabs to those Jersey barriers. A perfect young man, especially on Hopps!

Spring streets!

Even if winter seems to never want to let go NYC, they try to keep skating there, and the Theories heads are out in those streets, you know it! And, goddam, how stoked are we to watch Jahmal go hard in the paint like if he was still in his late teens!

Press "PLAY"

And, here's your dose of class! Hopps, in the trail of its mentor, Jahmal Williams, knows how to pick them funky, and this edit will put a smile on your face for the week-end and more! From Piro Sierra to Brain Clarke, the approaches might be complementary, but the style levels are similar, and high…

T.O.A. alert!

You know us: considering the names involved, we could only be excited… But, if you don't agree with us on this one, we are speechless… Beware, this also doubles as a Brandi alert!

The king of what?

The KIng of Style… Jahmal.

Meeting… Josh Stewart!

On sound, history and motivational speaking…

Boston Represent'!

When you're a real skateshop, you can actually regroup all the city scene for a project, like a video… And it is in Boston, well, that makes for a hell of a casting!


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