Alex Amor

Good vibes

Spend the whole day on a spot, without necessarily skating, know the story behind the few graphs on the spot, maybe film some tricks and take the opportunity to immortalize what’s going on around. “Being part of that shit”, as states Josh Kalis. Marcos Lozano Cantillo makes us discover this late 90’s vibe, still alive nowadays in the heart of Barcelona, at the spot of Sants.

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Vigo hills

Vigo might not be among the most known destinations of Spain, despite… Despite a handful of hills that make for an unknown pocket paradise, if you love going fast, real fast on four wheels. And that would be forgetting that, as all streets in Spain do, the hills will naturally lead you to, here on the waterfront, to a couple marble plazas to meet up with the locs. Here, the Iberic Adidas crew shows you what a couple days there could look like. Do remember that the weather can be temperamental, there, though…

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