Dave Mackey

Young Britain

After a really well noticed appearance in the last episode of the Atlantic Drift saga, it was necessary to see the Joyful face of the young British Matlok Bennett-Jones. This is his part in the amazing full-length video "Afterbang" filmed by James Cruickshank between 2013 and 2017 that is unveiled to everyone. We find the usual contagious energy of the young in question coupled with this fluid and even "slippery" style that makes him a very interesting member of the Pass-Port team.

Palace runs deep-ish

Eleven minutes of new in-your-face-Palace to start the week (or school year, for some) off with has to taste like unexpected sashimi prepared to Jeff Mills as background music, and peppered with clips of a still stellar Danny Brady (with a tasty nod to Nick Jensen to boot), the unstoppable force Rory Milanes always appears to be and, of course, improvised skateboarding performance by the remarkable and now remarked Heitor Da Silva; that red pants like with the inward heelflip has to be one for the books (or their modern iteration - Instagram reposts). And if such a strong Japanese starter doesn't quite fill you up, then the next course reeks more of the familiar stench of fish and chips meets piss-soaked bricks, notably comprising some pretty captivating footage of Charlie Birch. Almost enough to make us forgive and forget their increasingly tired stabs at Heroin and Mark Foster, lately.

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