Danny Brady

Palace runs deep-ish

Eleven minutes of new in-your-face-Palace to start the week (or school year, for some) off with has to taste like unexpected sashimi prepared to Jeff Mills as background music, and peppered with clips of a still stellar Danny Brady (with a tasty nod to Nick Jensen to boot), the unstoppable force Rory Milanes always appears to be and, of course, improvised skateboarding performance by the remarkable and now remarked Heitor Da Silva; that red pants like with the inward heelflip has to be one for the books (or their modern iteration - Instagram reposts). And if such a strong Japanese starter doesn't quite fill you up, then the next course reeks more of the familiar stench of fish and chips meets piss-soaked bricks, notably comprising some pretty captivating footage of Charlie Birch. Almost enough to make us forgive and forget their increasingly tired stabs at Heroin and Mark Foster, lately.

palace alert!!!

Dat audio-visual tech ya need…

Brady alert!

Ah, Danny… What is there left to add about the last standing member of the "Royal Family"? Nowadays captain of the Palazzo team, he stills manages to be one of the most prolific, yet, classy skaters of the whole lot… Brady? Got to love him!

Lucas est là!

Once again, Palace takes everybody by surprise, by not dropping the infamous full-length, but a relatively short edit, with mainly two strong points: off course Lucas Puig settles in nicely, by skipping the induction seminar to just moving in the office with the sea view and all… That, and a quasi full part of Danny Brady that will put the younglings in check about why they should have full respect for the man! From Jahmal Smith to Rory Milanes –and let's not forget Lucien Clarke– everybody is in fine form, here, and no when they go to NYC it is not just to open new stores… Let's also note an Olly Todd featuring, shall we?

Public Service Announcement

All right, younglings, if you are getting tired of hearing the old ones pontificating on "having it", well, here is all this talk is based on… With a little luck, this should speak to you… Well, let's hope so!

Brady alert!

A handful of clips from Danny, the kind we dig: ever so stylish with a background (and grounds) made of bricks and other not so well adjusted slabs of concrete! True definition of that British class we collectively love…

V Nice

Once again, they take everybody by surprise at Palace, by dropping a twenty minute edit, with pre-marketing campaign of any sort, and just to keep us waiting for "the Real one"! The one the world expect to be filmed entirely in London… But this time, they manage to return to the birth site of street skating, therefore the streets of Los Angeles, and enjoy them the way any skater making the pilgrimage would, mixing iconic spots –like the Santa Monica sand gaps– sessions with messing around with the random finds in between. Off course, they do it quite good! All with the house soundtrack they have imposed to a whole generation around the world over the past three years. Yep, they are just killing it, and nobody could complain about it, apart from the mean spirited!

Brady alert!

Skateshops are also measured on their team, and Slam's is no joke! Proof here with notably a Danny Brady that shows that his Palace TM hours are mostly spent in London streets…


Dat collab' ya need!

PWBC alert!

The Golden Triangle Choir is back at it, to sing you the red brick streets gospel, and we should all put out hands together to rejoice!

Londres, c'est ça! (second part)

The second part of City of Rats, the video celebrating the first 25 years of the longest functioning skateshop in Europe just went online. Amazing skaters, and an even more amazing work of Henry Edwards-Wood, in this documentation of way more than a team.

Special flash!

At a time where the whole world is speculating on the crowing of Nyjah Huston by Jake Phelps, and when some were starting to doubt the "skateboarding" part of Palace skateboards, they just dropped four minutes of Sir Brady, "the Man With No Switch". Just like that. And skating, well, there is a hell lot of it, here. Of such caliber that a line and and a single deserve to be shown twice in a raw. Palace just put everybody on their toes in one edit, and Danny still is a classy motherfucker!


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