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Evisen Super Rat

If Kento Yoshioka (already featured on LIVE quite a few times) found himself joining the Evisen ranks too recently to be able to take part in their 2017 full-length video, all is fixed now with this new edit that could very well have been a bonus segment on the timeline. And if the coherence is in the aesthetics, it's also in the gymnastics as Kento took it upon himself to demonstrate his own trademark choregraphy, the fruit of his own mental universe and the skate codes that come with it. In the end, the cultural symbiosis hits so right, most every profile of viewer is bound to find something memorable here - for instance the wallride variations down some vicious stairsets, if not the updates in the operating system of a whole bunch of ancient tricks, the general tempo or even the amazing filmmaking, again, like expected now from Katsumi Minami.

Shinpei Ueno x Daidō Moriyama

A new audiovisual gem from Japanese genius Shinpei Ueno, most renowned as the head of Tightbooth (the collective responsible for the video series, "Lenz"; the third of which is on the way, and may we recommend to the more curious of you to try and get their hands on the rare "Dialogue Between Insiders"), and as an Evisen rider. For those of you who haven't kept up - Evisen is Katsumi Minami's board company - the man behind the excellent independent full-length video "Night Prowler" about a decade back - clearly a must see, if only for Deshi's and Rich Adler's equally mindblowing, respective sections...

Anyway, Shinpei seems to be rolling and has been up to collaborating with world famous Japanese photographer Daidō Moriyama. We were in the know about the Evisen board series, but unaware of the following installation! Which took place at Qucon Tokyo, Shinpei's new skate, shop and gallery space it seems like, and consisted in photo print-scented transition sessions, literally moving negative film projections and brillant skate performance by some of the local modern style icons as a means of live human interaction. Oh, and Moriyama's interpretation of our absurd little urban stunt boarding thing has to be worth one's time as well!

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