Koichiro Uehara

Evisen x Daidō Moriyama

Daidō Moriyama (森山大道) is a renowned Japanese photographer born October 10th, 1938 in Ikeda, Osaka. His body of works is notorious for being a testimony to the evolution of society in the post-war Japan of the second half of the twentieth century.

As far as the first half of the twenty-first century is concerned however, it is the Evisen guys who are apparently quite excited about carrying to the torch, by productively documenting the evolution of society in the current post-skate Japan.

What goes around comes around with this new edit, one intended to promote a new line of decks that happens to be a strong collaboration with the aforementioned artist, a collection one can keep up with here as more and more models are going out of stock already. As per usual, everything is orchestrated to a home-made soundtrack whilst, in front of the lens, dance around the multiple and varied talents of Maru, Shinpei Ueno, Katsumi Minami, Koichiro Uehara, Laurence Keefe, Shor West, Seimi Miyahara and Kento Yoshioka.

At night in the country of the rising sun

TIGHTBOOTH and musician KILLER-BONG just delivered a little gem. A video featuring the Japanese skateboarding in all its glory through Koichiro Uehara and his crew. The spots are exploited to the fullest of their potential, every ingredient is present - from creativity to technique, all infused of the very subtle scent of craziness that usually makes this scene so particular.

Evisen, it's about now!

We will be premiering the Evisen full-length in Paris, on December 7th, with the help of the Nozbone homies, but in the meantime, here is the newest trailer for it, and if that one doesn't get you pumped enough to join us that evening, well, we don't know what's good anymore. This just encapsulates all that Japanese ill shit you we all love!

Rising sun dreams…

Going to Japan to skate is one thing. Going to Japan to skate, and more, with the locals is another… Off course, The Northern Co. heads have genuine friends to visit over there, and you can feel it right away… The result is that, from San Francisco hills to Osaka train station, you can feel how at home they are, with many homies that rip just as much as they do!

G-JAP Unit!

Well, the week could not start better… If this Tightbooth edit does not make you want to cross the ocean in order to be able to stand aside them arguing with cops from over there while being clad in baggy camo, you are not really alive anymore…

Charles' tip: Koichiro Uehara

"Koichiro at his best, mixed with some fine local humor!" This is a greatly Japanese moment, for sure. Add those perfectly executed impossible turns he is the king of, and you are in for a fabulous watch!

Mo' cruise, mo' fun!

Well, they are quite on it these days, at Magenta, aren't they!? One could not complain about it, especially when they offer us a juicy bonus to their recent Just Cruise… They all here, on their home turf of Bordeaux, and this does not tickle your fancy, well, we don't know what could!

Dialogue: Koichiro Uehara & Mike Manzoori

Two generations, two cultures and two points of view on what makes skateboarding special…

Osaka Nights / PREMIERE

As you are aware of, we are quite fans of Koichiro Uehara –since Magenta has introduced him to us– and of his tonic and sinuous approach to the art of sidewalk surfing, so it is with great pleasure, and pride, that we are able to present you the newest footage from this colorful character, announcing an Etnies collaboration with Magenta. All captured by Mike Manzoori through some Osaka nights… Ya should dig!

Crossing The Perth Dimension

Fruit of a recent visit to Perth, and the Domingo crew, this new Magenta production reminds us all two important points:
1) The best part of travelling far from home to skate –way ahead of the spots you might come across, and the footage you might come back with– is the people you end up meeting…
And 2) "It's all about lines."
To see more about the adventures of Léo, Jimmy and Koichiro in Australia, head over here.

the ill shit

Ou friends at Caste Quality and Magenta skateboards just released the second part of the video related to their recent collabo, but mainly focusing on giving you something to hear on top of something to watch, in terms of what they are trying to convey with one the most discussed brands right now… Another gem of work from Chris Mulhern and, if like some, you still think "they aren't really skating", well, this should just shut your trap…

The silent assassin

We had introduced you to Koichiro, at the very beginning of Live, just because he he is amongst those finally rare cases of skaters actually developing their own approach… His, of course, finds a home under the "Quick Feet" roof, but also dabs heavily into the "Impossible Carve" , thanks to super loose trucks but also to a unbelievable board control. Folklore has it that the S shaped double ledge took him a few nights, to achieve the perfect turn… This is from Lenz 2, a video you should really own!


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