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To close the curtains on their first "UNSIGNED HYPE" series of web clips, our fellow media brethren over at Place Mag just chose to drop this strong edit of Pascal Moelaert (who happens to rep the POP Trading Co. homies, amongst a few other respectable entities), filmed and edited by Ziggy Schaap. Now this one is definitely worth your attention, brimming with practical applications of ledge science, endless lines, overall good taste and a general stylistic maturity that would for sure suffice to allow Pascal in bars in the U.S., despite really only being nineteen of age. Ah and he has quite the mean switch backside tailslide, too... To top it all off, one can check out a joined interview with the movie participants on either side of the lens, here!

Bats news!

A postcard coming from Haarlem (Netherlands) and its surroundings (from the look of those cobblestones) in what once was called VHS and is now low-def, thanks to our favorite Bastian! Aahh, one day, those streets will be ours again…

Parking Lot Stardust

You may remember Netherlands-based filmer Ziggy Schaap's previous edit: "The End" that graced the almighty Interwebs last spring. Well, the end it wasn't, as it turned out that even wintertime wasn't enough to deter the man and his crew of friends from doing their thing: this new video, "No Service" was filmed just then, over the span of two months and with a modus operandi of being underground parking lot-themed. A project for which they really did some research regarding which ones not just in the Netherlands but also Belgium had the best utilizations possible to offer, as an attempt to cover as much slippery-slick (under-)ground as possible! The final output is a much more joyful watch than one might expect from the basic concept: the VX-1000 is excellent (explicitly influenced by the likes of Yoan Taillandier), the terrain gets worked in smart ways and in the end, "No Parking" is one more great testament to how the daily weather doesn't have to dictate how much motivation one should show!

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