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DIY DIG / La Cave

If you pronounce the always dreaded DIY acronym in France (it is virtually unpronounceable to most native tonguers), the name of Jo Dezecot will quickly become part of the conversation… Notably for the ten years his Cléré-les-Pins spot lasted! Last year, he decided to take it easy and retreat to the countryside where he could locate his whole family under a safe and quiet roof. Until he realized the house did come with a cave! Guess what happened!? Yep… Here is the second episode of our #vansdiydig series, and what should be a kick in the nuts for all of us, in order to get us started on doing something. What have you planned for the week-end, again?

Thanks again to Vans for their kind support on this project. And if you want to give a hand, you can, here!


Let's put you in the mood for the second episode of our DIY DIG series, starring the soon to be famous Jo Dezecot's cave, by presenting you a GALERIE of photos both documenting (in black and white) the building by Nicolas Boutin, and the very first group session (in color) by Vincent Coupeau. Because, when it comes to doing it yourself, it is as much about the skating than it is about the common effort that takes you there…

Thanks again to Vans for their kind support, on this project.

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