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City perspective

"Triptych", the new book from the De Paris Yearbook camp is now available in all places with a bit of good taste, and to celebrate it –as well as the 20th anniversary of the first Paris Metrospective in 411 video magazine– they offer here a nice selection of more underground skaters than the ones you attach the French capitol to, which does not mean they lack in skills, nor contribute vastly to the local scene…

DIY DIG / La Cave

If you pronounce the always dreaded DIY acronym in France (it is virtually unpronounceable to most native tonguers), the name of Jo Dezecot will quickly become part of the conversation… Notably for the ten years his Cléré-les-Pins spot lasted! Last year, he decided to take it easy and retreat to the countryside where he could locate his whole family under a safe and quiet roof. Until he realized the house did come with a cave! Guess what happened!? Yep… Here is the second episode of our #vansdiydig series, and what should be a kick in the nuts for all of us, in order to get us started on doing something. What have you planned for the week-end, again?

Thanks again to Vans for their kind support on this project. And if you want to give a hand, you can, here!

The Magic Number

The classic spots, the other ones hidden in back alleys, the old timers, the fresh faces, the locs and the tourists: they all here! Paris, Berlin and London are three cities more than rich in character, and this is what the De Paris Yearbook crew has been pushing on us for a couple years now, and their latest video production is in the direct logic of this editorial line. But, let's not forget that De Paris, Aus Berlin and Of London are –before all– books you will be more than happy to find on your shelves in a few years!


Ludovic Azémar is back, with the homies, and from the quite rare nowadays Charles Collet to the always street Joseph Biais, he has something for all of us. This is is also for the day Vincent Coupeau will step on his board again, soon!

Deuxième vague!

All Paris, and De Paris in four edits from local film makers, with a bunch of interludes, and the follow-up to Jeux d'Ombres already presented on Live? Can't say no!

Covoland / Premiere

We have told you about Romain Covolan and his (black) magic garden, plus his inability to stay still… Well, he decided to film a full part "at home", with his friend Yves Fraweel, who took upon himself to add his personal illustrating skills to it. The final result is a ankle –and more– breaking tranny galore, and also a well sketched portrait of the tweaked mind behind the garden that needs the less mowing in all suburbs of Paris… All exclusively on Live, thanks to Romain and Yves!

Niaks Tour / Premiere

Let's stay in Warriorland territories, with this roadtrip the "Niaks" heads (Vincent Coupeau, Guillaume Caraccioli, Carl Sansac and Dimitri Kostoff) took from their Paris suburbs all the way to Italy via Switzerland, and Igor Fardin floor… This should get you very excited about finding a summer destination that will give you that many opportunities to meet such diverse people and spots on the way… A Guillaume Périmony production, exclusively on Live!

Niaks Tour / Galerie

Somewhere around Paris suburbs, you can find a place quite similar in many ways to the Land of the Warriors, only hundred of miles away from it… This had to be the place where a mission would aim from to go explore those far territories, in between Helvetia and Italy… Vincent Coupeau, Guillaume Caraccioli, Carl Sansac and Dimitri Kostoff, along with Guillaume Périmony, went and met up with Igor Fardin, bathing in both sun and water along the way. Thibault Lenours was also part of the trip, and while waiting for the video –exclusively on Live tonight– here are his visual memories from the trip…

Paris Downtown Showdown / Galerie

A brief return on the Vans Downtown Showdown, the parisian event of this end of summer, as seen through the eyes of Vincent Coupeau!

Meeting… Vincent Coupeau!

We were showing you his photography on Thursday; here he is on his board and on the mic!

Converse / Las Palmas

As announced, yesterday, here is –as a Live Skateboard Media exclusive–the video documenting the French Converse team trip to Las Palmas, featuring Rémy Taveira, Vincent Touzery, Kevin Rodrigues, Vincent Coupeau, Paul Grund, Karl Salah, Roman Gonzalez and Fred Ploque-Santos, filmed by Ludovic Azémar.

Converse in Las Palmas / Galerie

Tomorrow we will premiere the video, but in the meantime, Vincent Coupeau, talented skater and photographer, shares his point of view on this Converse trip to a sun drenched island…


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