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The story of their lives

Mark Baines has been on a seriously productive tip, recently, in front and behind the camera as well… And the other Story heads are far from lagging behind. Brit skateboarding to the bone…

The brick effect…

Fabric skateboards just dropped one of those edits that right away gives up its "UK-ness" from the perfect spots that are only skatable on Sundays from 11h45 to 11h48 during a change of security shifts to the unridable non-spots where the guys still get tech on… Yep, this is some Mark Baines goodness at his best, taken to another level by the new generation!

Baines alert!

Baines is still here! With his well crafted lines and his tech applied to whatever worst rolling grounds are thrown his way… And one can tell the Story Clothing youth is taking notes!

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