Manny Lopez

Jean genio

Or where a wet and wintery Napoli doesn't seem to stop the European Levi's crew from shredding it all!

Dom' alert!

The NB Numeric Italian squad recently went skating (really well) with their Brit counterparts on their own turf, but what we will keep out of all of it, is another demonstration of the homie Dom Henry's skills on uneven terrains!

Raw Manny!

Here is a little additional information to yesterday's Story edit, with a Manny Lopez in full form… This would be worth a click just for the two first tricks, but this fine young man got way more for you in this. Heavy stuff, on the interesting side of things…

The story of their lives

Mark Baines has been on a seriously productive tip, recently, in front and behind the camera as well… And the other Story heads are far from lagging behind. Brit skateboarding to the bone…

Turbo Charged

You know the Harry Lintell case, and his aggressive versatility, but you most will be discovering a Manny Lopez that isn't too far from that, also, in his approach of multiple very Londonian (in their absence of marble grounds) terrains, but with a little something else that is his own. Yep, those two are about to start your week on the right foot! Add also a reminder that Just Ice rocked

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