Will Sheerin

Augustin's tip: "Just Film"!

“This video is sick!” Augustin's first words after watching the last edit of the British shop Welcome Leeds. And in fact we can only agree with him facing the talent of these young English. There is nothing else to say, very good skateboarding, lots of good humor and even a song by Antony and the Johnsons. In the end, this video really is sick!

The brick effect…

Fabric skateboards just dropped one of those edits that right away gives up its "UK-ness" from the perfect spots that are only skatable on Sundays from 11h45 to 11h48 during a change of security shifts to the unridable non-spots where the guys still get tech on… Yep, this is some Mark Baines goodness at his best, taken to another level by the new generation!

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