Mikael Lewertoff

Sebba's tip!

When someone who has been skating for around thirty years tells you to check out some young bucks edit, you sure do! Realize this is the LFE crew he's taking about, and you get ready from some serious shredding from both sides of the Franco-Swiss border. With an ever full of pop Jordan Queijo!

LFE 2016

The young Geneva squad is back ripping as they always do! Throw in there in there also what appears to be a new spot that is completely crazy!


We had introduced you to Faust Skate Co. first full-length, recently, as a PREMIERE, and if Simon Perrottet closes it with a part reaching eight minutes, it is because he is in direct lineage of what one might call Swiss Tech ©, or that well established now Helvetian tradition of piecing together long lines where cleanness is equal to technique.

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