Quentin Ciurko

Charles' tip: "Sarah"

"Why bother with a filming dad, a team manager, an olympic coach or a couture designer? Here, the average age is barely 15 (I kid you not!), staff included, and between skating Paris and Besançon, they managed to organize a clothing line between their crew Boyo and Stuff and the local shop, Molly. Yep, we can trust the kids!"

They are alright!


Jimmy Larkz of Trois CCD, we've introduced you to his works before here and there, both times exquisite stuff and to that rule, "2ND" isn't the exception yet as this new piece consists in no less than fifteen minutes of authentic (and quality) Parisian VX-1000, only waiting for your click to start cuddling your irises. Oh and where to start, regarding the roster involved...

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