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  1. Living for the WKND…

    So, yeah, you have seen it already –and more than twice we hope– but the new WKND opus is now free from the Thrasher player, and that's always good to know… And, yep, the Los Angeles we love is here in all its beauty of sun drenched back alleys and non-spots that dreams are made of… Plus, Austyn Gillette being back in full form is one hell of a good reason to celebrate, right!?
  2. American WKND

    From Alex Schmidt to Chritian Maalouf, we have discussed them here, and they are all at their best, here! Enjoy fully, despite the fact that the week-end is not here yet!
  3. Recycling

    I want to have as much imagination as these guys. When we think about it, it’s quite logic, you don’t have any spots to skate, so build one. But when we think like the WKND team, we quickly end up skating a television, then a drum kit, and finally everything we have on hand. Without even speaking about this crazy introduction, this is the perfect video to start well a new day.
  4. A taste of Florida…

    Now, he would have gotten us at that very first trick, the backside nollie starting his line… But the recently announced on WKND Trevor Thompson definitely has a lot to show, and particularly a a good science of putting tricks in a row, in a pleasing order. Perfect. And, if the whole video follow the same steps…
  5. WKND-er

    Even if his WKND stint is not supposed to be more than that, a stint, Eric Koston still digs skating with the team, his buddies, and that gives us the occasion to see the whole crew to go at it, on those Los Angeles spots that keeps on looking dreamy… If you do forget they are hours of drive from each others.
  6. Molinar's back!

    It is pretty obvious that WKND's budget –as a burgeoning small brand– still hasn't got a line about "getting a couple NBD's on the other side of the world, maybe"– but if that pushes them to get creative, we can only be all for it! Raymond Molinar has never had problems on that side, and when he transforms necessity into a full part done all within metro distance, a skater not necessarily known for his productivity does the job, and does it well!


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