Austyn Gillette

Gilette alert!

It is short, but sweet, oh so sweet! The two younglings are killing it in a slightly similar vein, but seeing Austyn back to his Mach 2 beautifully crafted lines self just make us happy…

Austyn alert!

Well, the kid is all right… And in 16mm, it even looks better!

Huf 01

Where in only a handful of tricks, austyn reminds us all all why he's our daddy… One will also note a rather "on fire" Jake Anderson, and an ever stylish Sammy Winter…

Yellow fever!

More or less the whole Huf crew cruising around Japan, count on us to be frying the pop-corn by now! But, add a fully back on his board Austyn, and…

Living for the WKND…

So, yeah, you have seen it already –and more than twice we hope– but the new WKND opus is now free from the Thrasher player, and that's always good to know… And, yep, the Los Angeles we love is here in all its beauty of sun drenched back alleys and non-spots that dreams are made of… Plus, Austyn Gillette being back in full form is one hell of a good reason to celebrate, right!?


Have you checked that casting? Do you really need more than that to click!?


A nicely put together edit featuring most of the people you really want to see skating these days, that nobody has told you about? Tempting? Well, here you go, it's on us…

Soleil d'Oz

Considering the gang, no surprise, there is some heavy ripping going on, and yes, both Dylan and Austyn manage to surprise us, as always. You will also enjoy the general mood of the edit, that is quite refreshing…

Small, but classy

This little look back on 2013 as it was for SML Wheels proves you can do wonder, and create one hell of a team, while still being a small company!

Euro Enduro

It is quite fascinating that at the end of 2013 some people are still discussing the idea that Dylan Rieder might be mostly famous for his looks… Seriously, the ollie up at the famous Berlin museum spot is just ridiculous!Let's not that the boss himself isn't afraid to sweat out a bit, which is nice to see.

Surf's up

Well glassy in L.A., well glassy! And the line-up is top-notch!

Dece Vid

New York as a background, and a casting mixing such names as Lucien Clarke, Shawn Powers, Alex Olson, Austyn Gillette, Dan Plunkett, Danny Brady, Brian Delatorre, Nick Boserio, and the long awaited Yaje Popson part? Get the kettle on!


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