Andrew Considine

Yes, sir!

The WKND Team is back for our greatest happiness by offering, again, an incredible vidéo: Sir Palmer. And their filmer Grant Yansura who had already made the Stories video confirms here that he is there for something! It’s bubbling with creativity, as much in the realization as in skateboarding. In addition they even offer themselves a small detour to Paris that only makes the video better.


I want to have as much imagination as these guys. When we think about it, it’s quite logic, you don’t have any spots to skate, so build one. But when we think like the WKND team, we quickly end up skating a television, then a drum kit, and finally everything we have on hand. Without even speaking about this crazy introduction, this is the perfect video to start well a new day.


Andrew Considine is the kind of guy to look for trouble, mostly in the spots he chooses, or the way he decides to exploit them… To then stomp them with a sure trick, even if that mean breaking the said spot in the process. You are going to dig this!

The flying guillotine

What a dangerous art can be the "intro skit", as it often flops while it should have been kept a "possible good idea"… Unless the WKND guys are behind it. And it comes time to skate, they aren't half bad, either!

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