Dominik Dietrich

Shopping in Berlin

It is quite hard to leave Berlin, isn't it!? Search and Destroy has been the city staple/skateshop for a while, must have the very best name possible, and also invite local legend Sami Harithi in their edit, which is quite the list for a place selling rolling planks, don't you think?

Berlin Gris

Cruise through Berlin from touristy cornerstones to DIY spots, all the way to a Cons Space that will get you stoked on what form it might take real soon in Paris, with a live and improvised soundtrack by Fortunato d'Orio: now this should give you a breath of fresh air before the week-end!


It is summer, season for the open road, and here is something that should get you packing: Antiz visits Italy and manages to miss Milano's train station! Now that's a nice change!

Meeting… Hugo Liard!

He still needed a pontoon to accost… Never an easy task when you’re cruising a galleon in 2013! An interview about the first 10 years of Antiz!

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