Roland Hirsch

Valeri alert!

The Rosomako case: king of the ephemeral spot to the point of turning the flat tire of a construction site vehicle into the chance of a skatepark for the night, absolutely impervious to the concept that it might "not roll" to the point of filming lines where no one else dare to even try a trick, and always the slightly (or massively) off idea. Yes, he is the personification of the idea we all have of Berlin skateboarding.

Get the fuck out…

Now this is one of the main occupations of skateboard brands when winter comes… And then, Greece is a highly coveted destination, for obvious reasons. The great thing with Antiz is that they won't come back with the usual spots and tricks from there. And that changes everything!

Berlin Gris

Cruise through Berlin from touristy cornerstones to DIY spots, all the way to a Cons Space that will get you stoked on what form it might take real soon in Paris, with a live and improvised soundtrack by Fortunato d'Orio: now this should give you a breath of fresh air before the week-end!

Jo Peters 5 W’s

Jo Peters speaks, and that’s rare enough, but he also got a gift for you: a few lines to celebrate his new independent project. A Live exclusive!

Live Skateboard MediaLive Skateboard Media

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