Samu Karvonen


The new Antiz Skateboards full-length video "HEALTHCARE" is now live! Once again partly handicrafted by Ludovic Azémar, whose works LIVE has presented before time and time again, but with the help of the whole fam in the editing room this time, this one features - amongst others - Samu Karvonen, Thanos Panou, Roland Hirsch, Peter Molec, Michel Mahringer, Pepe Tirelli, Yeelen Moens, Sam Partaix, Robin Bolian, Gabriel Engelke, Julien Bachelier, Teemu Pirinen and Uryann Raudet - who also doubled up as the man in charge of the animations for this clip.

And for an even better presentation, make sure not to miss the photo gallery above, courtesy of Fabien Ponsero!

Saint Denis

We announced the project of a documenary by Phil Evans on Irish young man Denis Lynn, recently and it finally is available online! Meet a young man that seems able to get away with about anything…

"Saint Denis", as seen by Phil Evans and Samu Karvonen!

You may already be familiar with Phil Evans' name due to the well-earned notoriety of his past films such as "Format Perspective" or "Coping Mechanism", experiments such as "Paper Cut London" or maybe even the elusive "Scrum Tilly Lush", a full-length skate video filmed all over Europe on nothing but Super 8 film. This Spring, the Irish filmmaker strikes again with "SAINT DENIS", a documentary about not-less-Irish skateboarder Denis Lynn (yes, Conhuir's brother!), for Carhartt Work In Progress. Premieres of the film are going down worldwide as we speak and, with the Paris one just around the corner (scheduled for March 28th), we thought now would be a great time to catch up with Phil, but also with Denis' Finnish Carhartt WIP teammate Samu Karvonen who's also prominently featured in the film. Now and without any further delay...

M'sieur Samu

Finnish skaters can do about anything and every thing… This is usually how you spot them, actually! And Samu Karvonen embodies this fact perfectly with his ability to mix "big", if not "heavy" with unpredictable moves, especially considering the spots… We think about that revert on a thin ledge to go get a switch back tail, or that grind to fake grind thing. He good, he good!

It's war!

August is a terrible time, because Finland could be at war, and half of the local Adidas team drafted for it, and you would not even hear about it! In the meantime, one could still wonder how such a tiny country that is under the snow over half of the year can produce so many quality rippers…

Street Blues

If you are screening life through social media, you must see the Where We Come From project pop up more than often… This future full length has the great interest in the variety of its casting and guests, as illustrated, here…


It is summer, season for the open road, and here is something that should get you packing: Antiz visits Italy and manages to miss Milano's train station! Now that's a nice change!

Up North…

Light on hammers, but real heavy on great things nonetheless: many lines that'll make you jealous, despite brick grounds and grey skies… They picked Samu Karvonen up for a reason at Antiz!

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