James Foster

Augustin's tip: "Just Film"!

“This video is sick!” Augustin's first words after watching the last edit of the British shop Welcome Leeds. And in fact we can only agree with him facing the talent of these young English. There is nothing else to say, very good skateboarding, lots of good humor and even a song by Antony and the Johnsons. In the end, this video really is sick!

Sore skateboards / Naga / Premiere

It doesn't get much more underground and raw than the Sore crew… So, what could be better than the new video offering from the Leeds based brand to slap you into shape, on the day after the great overdose of things way too sweet!? A healthy dose of all terrain skateboarding and a soundtrack that will scrape your brain cells bare: this should get you outdoors in no time, and help you break a sweat… And if your buddies don't answer their phone, send them the link, they should be at the spot in no time after waking up!

NESW UK / North / Premiere

An important print project put together by Henry Kingsford –wich you know for his Grey work–, NESW is also happening in the form of four edits each starring an area of one of the most dynamic and scrutinized scenes in Europe, for decades now… Yes, this first episode focuses on the North of the United Kingdom, and will remind you of cities and people we often mention, here, like that Joe Gavin fellow. And, yes, this is another Live exclusive! Stay tuned, and we will keep you posted on the book side of NESW…

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