Joe Gavin

Joe Gavin alert!

A few days back, LIVE was forwarding to you Dom Henry's incredible new part in Sean Lomax's new indie full-length: "Cottonopolis". Well today, it already is local legend Joe Gavin's section's turn to undergo the exact same treatment, also happening to be the curtains in Sean's film that we'd really recommend you to order here if even remotely close to being aficionado of the classic VX-1000 meets inspired street skateboarding formula. Both sides of the lens are mastered, and the vibe is reminiscent of "First Broadcast", Dan Magee's - iconic - video for Blueprint back in 2001 which, coincidentally, just earned itself a new spiritual sequel: "Cover Version", by Magee again but under an obscure alias: Blips, that one can and really should watch in full, here.

La crème anglaise

It's been a while since we see him maltreat all kinds of spots, that’s quite normal if the Numbers Edition 5 is dedicated to fiery Kyron Davis. The big American machine which is Numbers offers us the best of British phlegm through the cream of english skaters, from the Casper Brooker to Zach Delarue. Obviously a small dose of Magnus’ pop and we will even notice a nice line of our very own Karl Salah!


Carhartt W.I.P. gathered one heavy crew for Lentiicular, a collecti(i)on of clips filmed over the span of three years between New York, Paris, Madrid and Lisbon. Roger Gonzales' video work is simply beautiful and the cast only makes it more incredible, with a great mix of styles such as those of Andrew Wilson, Remy Taveira, Tolia Titaev, Felipe Bartolomé, Joseph Biais, Taylor Caruso and even Chris Milic. But above all, finally we get to enjoy a real part from Roman Gonzales who as usual never fails at getting creative, gracious and technical.

The Gavinator

A true wonder, that Joe Gavin… Always dropping parts out of nowhere, on what seems like a one a month rythm, despite not practicing what could be called the easiest skateboarding! A rather well good week for British skateboarding, so far.


Doggie stylie?

And, here's your dose of red bricks beautifully turned green by moss and time… Always a good start for your day, especially when it displays one Kyron Davis at home and at his best, like with that 2' 15" line, or that other one at 2' 38". Once again Grey proves its good taste, notably with what might be the best use of "spontaneous street singing" since the Virtual Reality credits.

We've got five years, stuck on my eyes!

Five years… Now that's a load of sessions, photos, new friendships and trips! For just a handful of candles… That is exactly what Henry Kingsford must be pondering after five years of Grey, his magazine. First more London-centric and about all the scenes inhabiting the Old Smoke, the mag has soon expanded in both size and content to reach all corners of Albion, and even further, as you can see, here. And Grey being more than ink on paper, here is a mixtape of clips from all the videos they have produced over that time, putting once again the richness of British skateboarding in the spotlight, as Grey has been doing since 2010. Alright, everybody get your handkerchief out, and let's all sing along!

For Massey…

In 2003, Chris Massey put Landscape skateboards, a young Brit brand on the map, by putting together their first full-length, Portraits, now a classic of what best the UK scene has to offer. After his recent passing, the Landscape hears wanted to pay their dues to Chris, and do here by doing what they do best!

In da mix'

Collabs divides in two groups: the ones that make sense, and the rest of them… Here, we definitely are facing the very first category, without a doubt. From the roots of both brands, to the raw tech street skating they practice, both brands are on the same tune, to the point where you can mix footage from both crews without it ever looking forced. Good shit, good shit, good shit, we tell you!

Pinto Alert!

Some extras of Luka Pinto from the Lightbox series? We'll take that! Plus that fs slappy by Darius is some ill stuff!

Lightbox: Grey

This could be a  "Pinto Alert!", but this is mainly the reaffirmation that Phil Evans is one of the rare filmmakers documenting skateboarding right now that is constantly innovating, in form or content… Super 8, animated drawings, a trip to a foreign land? Well, this looks like nothing you would expect! You can also check out the Grey Skate Mag related feature, here.

Your daily perspective

Landscape has always held a special place in our collective little heart, notably for the individualities the brand has always managed to regroup, and the utterly British style of skateboarding they defend. And the new kid on the block, Keanu Robson, is in direct line of this history, from the nose bump sex change to the 50-50 backside flip. So, don't miss this edit, you'll be thankful for it!

NESW UK / North / Premiere

An important print project put together by Henry Kingsford –wich you know for his Grey work–, NESW is also happening in the form of four edits each starring an area of one of the most dynamic and scrutinized scenes in Europe, for decades now… Yes, this first episode focuses on the North of the United Kingdom, and will remind you of cities and people we often mention, here, like that Joe Gavin fellow. And, yes, this is another Live exclusive! Stay tuned, and we will keep you posted on the book side of NESW…


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