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Groovy Science

Science Skateboards is Chris Morgan's company, launched in London back in 2006 and now relaunching in San Francisco, right now, a couple of years after the aforementioned owner's move to the City. From the bricks to the hills; a rough-to-rough transition that warrants a fresh website, an article in the latest, fifth-second issue of Skate Jawn, and the addition of three S.F. skaters: Harry Hafner, Bobby Groves and Josh Paz, to the team roster. A move that warrants this brand new ten-minute promo by itself, don't you reckon?

Also on the menu: clips of the British Joe Sivell and Josh Cox, visiting the hills and back alleys for lenses manipulated by Brett Nichols and Zach Chamberlin, amongst other brillant skate filmmakers.

Science Fiction

Science skateboards has been a little on the discreet side so far, but their first full-length could be changing that, from the super versatile team to a skating deeply rooted in local history. Yes,The Important Nothing announced here, could be a great addition to a long and rich history, the one of UK skateboarding.

Sore skateboards / Naga / Premiere

It doesn't get much more underground and raw than the Sore crew… So, what could be better than the new video offering from the Leeds based brand to slap you into shape, on the day after the great overdose of things way too sweet!? A healthy dose of all terrain skateboarding and a soundtrack that will scrape your brain cells bare: this should get you outdoors in no time, and help you break a sweat… And if your buddies don't answer their phone, send them the link, they should be at the spot in no time after waking up!

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