Joey Pressey

In da mix'

Collabs divides in two groups: the ones that make sense, and the rest of them… Here, we definitely are facing the very first category, without a doubt. From the roots of both brands, to the raw tech street skating they practice, both brands are on the same tune, to the point where you can mix footage from both crews without it ever looking forced. Good shit, good shit, good shit, we tell you!

Your daily perspective

Landscape has always held a special place in our collective little heart, notably for the individualities the brand has always managed to regroup, and the utterly British style of skateboarding they defend. And the new kid on the block, Keanu Robson, is in direct line of this history, from the nose bump sex change to the 50-50 backside flip. So, don't miss this edit, you'll be thankful for it!

Londres, c'est ça!

Great surprise, tonight: City of Rats, the video celebrating the first 25 years of the longest functioning skateshop in Europe is going online, from today. Amazing skaters, and an even more amazing work of Henry Edwards-Wood, in this documentation of way more than a team.

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