Karim Bakhtaoui

This Is Not the Sour Video

You were in dire need of ripping skating straight from the streets of NYC (and its surroundings), pieced together with a tongue in cheek soundtrack, since… Well, yesterday? Fear not, this should help you out through the next 24 hours, despite a couple already seen clips…

PWBC alert!

The Golden Triangle Choir is back at it, to sing you the red brick streets gospel, and we should all put out hands together to rejoice!


Karim Bakhtaoui has been bringing back an often neglected art in the board manipulation: the poppin' and shovin' at high altitudes! And well done, those don't even need an addition of a flip to reach Gangster Status.


Londres, c'est ça!

Great surprise, tonight: City of Rats, the video celebrating the first 25 years of the longest functioning skateshop in Europe is going online, from today. Amazing skaters, and an even more amazing work of Henry Edwards-Wood, in this documentation of way more than a team.

Best & Worst: Palace in L.A.

It’s been a long time coming, since that Niggaz Wit Altitude trailer… Well, six months to be exact. Palace skateboards is not about stuffing you with a daily dose of what’s lying around, but more about showing you what you need to see.

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