Stephen Khou

Tech alert!

One could dissert around the fact that Brian Peacock, despite his sino-american roots, represents a sort of bound to happen fusion of both French Tech© and Brazilian Tech© where impeccable technique is balanced with unaltered smoothness… Sure, he does love to make things more complicated than you or I, that's the least you could say, but does so with coolness that makes for visual candy and not jerky flip/spazz outs!

Oh, one should also note how Lucas Puig, in one whistle and one gesture of thankfulness, reminds us all show the real boss is!

Malt in China

China explored by Chinese skaters: you're in? Well, we are, to get a different point of view, and also to follow Stephen Khou! Here is a visit of the local capitol of beer making, with a heavy dose of tech skating on unbelievable marble spots…

La Pause Café

A perfect mood for an October Sunday, but mainly some smooth tech galore in Paris, in between tourists with good taste, the always on point Karl Salah as the local, and a great surpise with Stephen Khou! Yep, this one is "100" as they say in the streets…

In da mix'

Collabs divides in two groups: the ones that make sense, and the rest of them… Here, we definitely are facing the very first category, without a doubt. From the roots of both brands, to the raw tech street skating they practice, both brands are on the same tune, to the point where you can mix footage from both crews without it ever looking forced. Good shit, good shit, good shit, we tell you!


Now that is one Hell of a look book! Clearly in the "beautiful tech" genre, you can't mess with Hélas…

Dark side of the ledge

For many years, in France, the question "Whatever happened to Stephen Khou?" would pop up once in a while, until Hélas, the brand he started with Lucas Puig, answered it all. As for skating, one was thinking he would still be doing it, off course, but maybe not like that! Oh, and Lucas? Well, he was hurt, you know, so he just filmed a few random things, right? LOL

Captains attack - Barcelona

Now this should be an interesting full length!

He back, he back!

This edit drops perfectly for Paris Fashion Week, but mainly, mainly, reminds us that, yep, Lucas is back with a vengeance! On top of his game… Peace, love and unity for all!

Captains attack


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