Massimo Cavedoni

Mo' Massimo!

Quite active, Massimo Cavedoni, these days! And he definitely still is quite tonic when it comes to "ledge game"…


Now Charles is going to be stoked! Typically, Massimo Cavedoni has all the qualities that make for a "Charles' Tip": clean, effective, all with a great style… A part from The Mighty $ucks full-length.

A shot of Massimo

Not too sure of what he is up to, that Massimo, but he keeps on killing the streets, wherever he might be, that's for sure…

Raw Massimo!

Considering the amount of homie footage that Massimo Cavedoni seems to produce, one could wonder when is the part that will reveal him to the world going to come out… We're amongst the ones waiting impatiently!

Charles' tip: Massimo Cavedoni

"This Massimo does have something! And it seems like it's a good idea to have an high-tech cell phone around him when he's skating…"


Let's say it: if Live Skateboard Media should start its own team, the Huf one could be a good example to follow: dudes that enjoy skating, and have fun with it, whatever the post is sounds like a good times, no?


With Massimo Cavedoni, you know it's gonna be good: he's proved both talent and style, all with power. You could say that he's getting up a notch, here, between the diversity of spots and the lines that pretty much steal the show from the "hammers".

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Wait to pass announcement...