Josh Matthews


The Huf dudes take over the world capitol of flannel shirts, and do it right! Hell, they even manage to get the ultimate guest with Silas, The local, not even looking shabby at all, next to him. Far from it… From the always classy (even on the worst spots) Joey Pepper to the tech über alles (the best possible way) Tyler Bledsoe, you are getting more than your non-money worth. Guaranteed!


We knew it, Silas Baxter-Neal is a quasi local in Japan… Therefore, he knew who to put in his luggage to have the best time in the Country of the Rising Sun. And, he was right!

Charles' tip: Josh Matthews

"The hitchhiking scene to announce a new recruit has been done before, but the part is way wort your time anyway! Especially with a noseslide "up" in a line: a personal favorite." The right-angled front shove-it is quite nice, also!

Pepper alert!

Thanks to hi-tech tools, our crew is instantly notified whenever appears on the interweb the one known as The Classiest Man in the World, AKA Joey Pepper… Yes, it did cost us an arm in fragile technology, but god was it worth it! Proof here with this trip around New-Zealand, far off destination if there is one, that really makes you want to find a tiny spot in the back of van to tag along… Monsieur Pepper reminds us all his ability to destroy all, while always giving the impression he hasn't broke a sweat doing it.


Let's say it: if Live Skateboard Media should start its own team, the Huf one could be a good example to follow: dudes that enjoy skating, and have fun with it, whatever the post is sounds like a good times, no?

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