Kevin Terpening

Street Lance alert!

Where the forever young Lance Mountain is not afraid to pull his street kickflip out of his deep bag of tricks, in his fifties! And that's just the tip of the iceberg… Oh, and Caleb Barnett has more than couple guest tricks in there, which will make out very own Pierre-Alexandre stoked!


Yep, the Hockey boys are continuing their spiraling down the abyss of ultra-violence on wheels… And, here, they do despite only having one week, and without Kev's presence! Yes, they are here to hurt themselves, and we enjoy the show!


Hey, let's go for some Hawaiian vibes, shall we? In order to celebrate Indian Summer! Plus you get a masterclass on how to get the line in pools by Lance Mountain!

Terp alert!

One would not see him too much lately, but, rest assured, he still is lurking the back alleys and desolate lots of Los Angeles where his no nonsense skating shines the best!

Return of the Terp'!

He sure was starting be missed, that Kevin guys! And seeing him make a comeback through this Memory Screen inspired (in the best possible way) is about ideal…

Terp alert!

A little window into the L.A. daily skateboarding experience of Terpening, through the eye of Benny Maglinao's phone. With Kevin's timeless style, off course…

Not so anonymous…

Here is a little (well, rather large) piece of evidence to add to the "Ishod case", with a trip to Japan that will make you think you are part of it… With quite the crew to boot! And about that last spot Ishod skates, well… What to say?

Le Terp

One could not think of a better way to start the week than a solid dose of fresh Terpening, and this part for Huf is aptly named, as the guy is effectively following the idea of classicism, while keeping things modern, mind you… A type of skating that is never afraid of really raw spots while not keeping it basic, if you will. Will the Minutemen soundtrack mark the end of the 90's nostalgia to put the cursor a little more back in time? Time will tell. In the meantime, we sit reassured that Dill was right when he told us that "Terp is pro as fuck…"!


This could be the ideal "buddies get on the road" scenario, from the Oregon parks to the spots found behind the bankrupt supermarket, with the little difference that the back row is packed with a great selection of the new generation from Stevie Perez to Dan Plunkett, with the few OGs that still charge like Peter Hewitt… And it looks like they all learned tricks from one another!

Soleil d'Oz

Considering the gang, no surprise, there is some heavy ripping going on, and yes, both Dylan and Austyn manage to surprise us, as always. You will also enjoy the general mood of the edit, that is quite refreshing…

Terp alert!

Well, this should slap unconscious all the ones doubting that Fucking Awesome is actually about skateboarding. Kevin Terpening WILL be the solution to all your problems… Oh, and you can only rejoice about a Van Engelen line!


Wait, Montreal is in Europe, now!? Those Huf sales are going to skyrocket amongst the French Canadian activist demographics after this! On a serious note, those guys are paid by the push, right?


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