Brad Cromer

Clean as a whistle!

Brad has always kept it clean as hell, and confirms it here on NYC spots that, on the other end, look grimy to  say the least… And, nope, that edit was not filmed during a visit at the "good season", as states the puffy jacket in many clips. And, we're not talking about the open / shiny / bright colored puffy jacket every Instagram park king seems to love these days. No, we mean the black one people that actually live through a real winter put on to skate nonetheless.


Worrest, Cromer and the boys in Barcelona, you in? Well, yeah, off course! This way, please, then…

Let's skate dude!

The new Krooked full length? It's here, it's now!

Worrest alert!

Aging well like fine wine is never an easy one when you are part of the Street Tech© school of thought, but it seems like Bobby has unearthed the secret to that… Keeping it classy, yet aggro as the same time!


Have you checked that casting? Do you really need more than that to click!?


A nicely put together edit featuring most of the people you really want to see skating these days, that nobody has told you about? Tempting? Well, here you go, it's on us…

Cromer Alert!

No, it's not the first one, and it sure won't be the last, as the man doesn't seem keen to slow down! Always punchy and high altitude flip ticks… We're all about it!

Krooked NYC

It's all in the title, isn't it? One should note how Brad Cromer steals the show, here, and that Matt Gottwig makes for a pretty good "young buck"… 

Cromer alert!

Clean, to the point and, mainly, powerful: even the lefts-overs of Brad Cromer will make you crave for more!

Domepiece: da B-side ya need!

You have loved Headcleaner? Well, the crew is back with an optional edit, and more or less the complete casting! Rejoice!

La formula!

Puerto Rico? The Brixton team? Filmed by Ryan Garshell? Where do we sign in!? From the dream destination to the crew of people that can only do good –at least, according to our standards– we couldn't really be deceived, and this should put a smile on your face for the whole week-end! A special mention to Dolan Stearns, but then again, that was expected…

Now that's a bonus!

This completely derails the "Hey, we got some extra footage, might as well put it together, what you think?" motto… Wait, how many parts Brad Cromer has put out this past two years?


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