Neil Herrick

Keep Calm

Small detour on the side of our official dealer of great VX parts, I namedTheories Of Atlantis. After Josh Feist’s one, today it is the part of Neil Herrick in the "Vanish" which is in the spotlight. Filmed in Pennsylvania by Zach Sayles, Neil Herrick keeps a very calm and mastered skate style on any type of spot.

Bottom Shelf

"Bottom Shelf" is the title of the newest full-length video by the N.Y.C.-based Dylan Holderness and Evan Pacheco, and it will most likely leave you with the taste of a great homie video, just with some fine 16mm, rougher spots galore and a waterfall of underrepresented skateboarders who all send it, as some might still say. The editing itself has a montage feel and although the lack of names makes it hard to tell the skaters apart at first, the styles are so wild you quickly figure out who's who - one particular protagonist you should need no introduction to by now would be the remarkable James Sayres.

From PA to NYC

It had been a minute since we had any news from 5Boro. For their part, Neil Herrick officially moved to New York. So the brand gives us a small remix of his best VX clips filmed in Pennsylvania. In short, complicated tricks on unlikely spots with old timer guests Jimmy Chung and Mike Maldonado: worth a watch or two!

Standard Definition

You have seen some parts here and there, but here is the full-length in all its glory: a healthy dose of spots you like to watch, but not necessarily skate, with dudes that actually know what to do with it!

No Love Lost

This might be, somehow, the funkyest track laid down by Joy Divition, and young Neil Herrick does it justice here, from the spots where you should not fall ever and the added difficulty on more than one already dangerous idea…

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