Mike Maldonado


When Dan Wolfe himself uploads "CLOSURE", the legendary full-length video recap of his filmmaking career - between 1993 and 2003, precisely - with the best clips he ever filmed for classic releases such as "EASTERN EXPOSURE" and "REAL TO REEL" paired up with a lot of never-before-seen footage, with a healthy dose of S.F. in the mix as well, in the original quality and even clickable chapters, every man's quarantine is bound to suddenly get a lot smoother!

We'll also take the opportunity to link to the man's interview by Eric Swisher of Chrome Ball Incident, from the yesteryear. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, and doses of culture can only be beneficial to one's immune system!

From PA to NYC

It had been a minute since we had any news from 5Boro. For their part, Neil Herrick officially moved to New York. So the brand gives us a small remix of his best VX clips filmed in Pennsylvania. In short, complicated tricks on unlikely spots with old timer guests Jimmy Chung and Mike Maldonado: worth a watch or two!

Dat raw raw!

Some déjà vu moments, and not editing effects whatsoever: just killer skating in baggy clothes!

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