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Let's rock!

We already warned you whilst presenting "SUGUS": "GRRRND ZERO" is the new project by Julien Paccard, already the author of "COLOR FOOLS" which LIVE broadcasted half a decade ago, no less. Now, we're talking about an audiovisual production in the most literal sense of the term as in addition to the skate footage, the soundtrack is also home-made by Tommy Buder, and the multimedia aspect of the whole deal also takes a new dimension in how the focus is over the patient documentation of the textures skateboarders use and abuse, over an emphasis on individual prowess with little room for context. In every clip (because yes, this is a series), everybody just skates together - with the type of surface glided over as one common denominator.

Today, we're featuring "ROCK", the clip with an emphasis on, well, stone textures. In between many a performer, the wisest of watchers will instantly recognize Dino Coce, whose part in "TABULA RASA" LIVE presented here a few weeks back - DVD's are still available - beanplanting around Berlin. But Julien has been dropping some others too - respectively dedicated to mosaicwood and marble spots - and is about to release more on his personal website, daily, throughout this whole week. So keep your eyes peeled!

Destination: Berlin!

As a part of (sponsored) Europe is about to make its yearly pilgrimage for the BESA, it is an American citizen that reminds us why the city stands as that place where a certain type of street skating is practiced on impossible spots lost in abandoned neighborhoods… Another great production from  Brett Nichols, and a casting of locals about perfect, according to us!

Tjark alert!

This edit of the Adidas German team offers us –on top of catching up with some of the TPDG riders recently featured here– an occasion to witness the always enjoyable skill of Tjark Thielker to come up with The trick on spots that more than often don't seem to offer much!

Valeri alert!

The Rosomako case: king of the ephemeral spot to the point of turning the flat tire of a construction site vehicle into the chance of a skatepark for the night, absolutely impervious to the concept that it might "not roll" to the point of filming lines where no one else dare to even try a trick, and always the slightly (or massively) off idea. Yes, he is the personification of the idea we all have of Berlin skateboarding.

À Paris!

Some Berliners (including Malte Spitz) visit Paris and share some spots with the locals, for this De Paris production that announces more to come!


The intro of Propeller Island (we had showed you as a Live exclusive the Malte Spitz part about three months ago) going online today reminds us that Jo Peters not only has the knack to document underground skaters that we dig, but also a real talent at putting Super 8 to good use, which is actually quite rare! The DVD and its great booklet are still available, so treat yourself!

Silent assassin

Valeri Rosomako might be the ultimate Berlin skater: capable of skating the worst post communism ruin, or transform a bit of sidewalk under construction in a place where you can draw smart and smooth lines… And always in a smooth, almost quiet manner.

All roads lead to Berlin

At least these days! And what better idea than to visit the city with its locs and their Three Striped colleagues? Let's just say it: we are big fans of Tjark Thielker!

20 000 leagues from here… Valeri Rosomako!

We discussed 20 000 Leagues Under The Sea, with its creator Joe Peters, and here is the well deserved last part: Valeri Rosomako! Getting noticed for your originality in a city that either raises or attracks creative skateboarders is no easy task, but we're not too worried about him! Many, many great things here, from spots to tricks!

Jo Peters 5 W’s

Jo Peters speaks, and that’s rare enough, but he also got a gift for you: a few lines to celebrate his new independent project. A Live exclusive!

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