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Sunk costs

"NOT WASTED" is Thomas Larive's newest montage - you might remember his name as the one of the editor of "LOCAL", the Zeropolis Skateshop video, or maybe from his output for Quotamine. On the menu today: ten minutes of footage collected in between Lille, Paris, Montpellier, Barcelona, Toulouse and Brussels, featuring many a representative of each scene as just as many toppings on quite the hefty meal. Most of them rarely documented, too, including a certain Ibu Sanyang and his style coupled with good taste when it comes to spot selection, but really the credits roll by to quite the generous pace, resulting in variety. All on the basis of leftovers from different projects, or previously unused clips - besides some mandatory Instagram premature unloadings, long after the expiration of their fifteen seconds of fame. Gourmet crumbs right there!

Practise Session vol.3

Live and direct from those Parisian streets, and not Republique only… The "guys from the East" are now full on locals, here, and fully at home! Proof here, with this new Corentin Ohlman edit, and a healthy dose of "French Touch" hip-hop.

Tour de France?

If American skaters seem to be prone to a vintage Harley road trip at the drop of a dime, it looks like in Europe the trusted bicycle still is the local prime choice… Then again, to enjoy the sightseeing and spot possible terrain on the side of the road the slower pace makes sense! Proof here with that trip the À Propos crew just started with a couple amateur cyclists… Now let's hope they will only rehydrate with cold beers and avoid the "clear water" that is popular amongst the Tour de France professionals!

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