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Poskrobko, Pt. 2

Perfectly complementing our recent interview with Krzysztof Poskrobko - Poland-based longtime skater and cultural activist who notably dropped multiple impeccable Filharmonia VX-1000 offerings along his trail - the man's part from the latest Grey Area video: "NEVERWHERE" by Kuba Kaczmarczyk (himself interviewed here) just hit the Internets, as though your quaratined retinas could use extra stimuli already. A solid video section, a DVD still available (from Palomino, for instance) - classic street skating in its purest form!

PREMIERE / Kraków Kids / GREY AREA "Neverwhere" / INTERVIEW

Just a few weeks ago, we were presenting you a brand new Danny Fuenzalida video part; an excerpt from Poland-based filmer Kuba Kaczmarczyk's latest full-length, underground hit: "Neverwhere", the continuation of its prequel from 2013: "The Grey Area Video". Well, let's hope you're ready for more: today, we are sharing with you another segment of said video, no less than the opening one at that, shared by three young rippers from Kraków: Kuba Brniak, Michal Zarzycki and Franek Kramarczyk. In order to know more about them, we figured we'd get the group interview below going, too!

Grey Matter

LIVE has been cooking up something special for you coming next week and as an appetizer, this part of Tomek Ziolkowski in Kuba Kaczmarczyk's Polish independent video "Neverwhere" will serve just right. Kuba is the man already behind "Grey Area", the 2013 underground hit the shockwaves of which had a lot to do with a certain Michal Juras' fault. Stay tuned for more impact from the East - but not just the East - on your screens, real soon!

PREMIERE / Danny Fuenzalida / GREY AREA "Neverwhere" / Kuba Kaczmarczyk / INTERVIEW

Kuba Kaczmarczyk is the epitome of your ideal local O.G. head: forty-two years strong, he's been spending half of those sweating it behind the lens, documenting uprising regional talent throughout the generations and supporting the scene in his home country of Poland by many a means - all the while being caught up in work tasks aplenty, family life and the whole adult realm. His previous full-length "Grey Area" was an underground hit a few years ago, packed to the brim with unique aesthetics and raw Polish street skateboarding; its recent sequel, "Neverwhere", only carries its predecessor's torch to higher levels as it successfully perpetuates that identity, throws new faces into the mix and takes the whole concept to a new stage. It even comes packaged with an ounce of sunshine as, as though to boost everybody's serotonin levels, plenty of Miami footage ended up finding its way onto Kuba's timeline, including a whole, highly improbable, brand new Danny Fuenzalida section! LIVE Skateboard Media is stoked to present it to you today, along with the following words from the author himself he was even kind enough to deliver to us - to you.

Grey Area Alert!

The most core of you may (or may not) have fond memories of "Grey Area", the independent video effort from Poland that got everybody talking a few years ago when it dropped and introduced the world to the labor of love of the eponymous crew, through the prism of a very Pontus Alv-esque visual touch. Among the ranks: a certain Michal Juras, then acquaintances with Polar Skate Co., particularly stood out. This winter, a new Grey Area full-length is just around the corner: "Neverwhere". You're expecting it, we've seen it: it's a true gem both filmmaking- and skateboarding-wise, marking a comeback to the roots of sorts and immortalizing incredible stylings at unique spots. We'll be presenting more to you soon, in the meantime here's Michal's part from "Neverwhere". Dzięki!

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