Kuba Brniak

PREMIERE / Kraków Kids / GREY AREA "Neverwhere" / INTERVIEW

Just a few weeks ago, we were presenting you a brand new Danny Fuenzalida video part; an excerpt from Poland-based filmer Kuba Kaczmarczyk's latest full-length, underground hit: "Neverwhere", the continuation of its prequel from 2013: "The Grey Area Video". Well, let's hope you're ready for more: today, we are sharing with you another segment of said video, no less than the opening one at that, shared by three young rippers from Kraków: Kuba Brniak, Michal Zarzycki and Franek Kramarczyk. In order to know more about them, we figured we'd get the group interview below going, too!

Michal Juras / Dust / premiere

This is no scoop, but Michal Juras, (well, Michał Juraś actually…) is one of the skaters we see as the most exciting in Europe, a status confirmed by his part in the now classic Grey Area. It is therefore with great pride that we are premiering today his new part (filmed by Jakub Kaczmarczyk and Pawel Piotr Przybyt), with the help of Polish mag Barrier, the actual first one since his knee injury, to top it up… This time, he is proposing us his take on transition skating, well on "DIY skating", entirely filmed at one spot of his city of Warsaw. Rest assured, he skates it with the original and aggressive style we know him for. Power, power, power, we say! And stay put for a Michal interview on Live, most likely before the Polar video comes out!

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