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Peace and love II

Kenta Okamoto, LIVE interviewed him already around the time of the release of "PALE", and that wasn't the only time we've passed the man's edits around either. Now, still the same gifted cameraman amidst a crew of equally inventive and Japanese skaters, "PEACE AND LOVE V.2" turns out to be the direct spiritual sequel to the previous eponymous installment and consists in eighteen minutes of all new footage - them guys really are at it! As expected from Kenta by now, the filming and editing are stellar, the soundtrack exquisite and there might be one of the best flatground 360 flips ever filmed somewhere in there, too - amongst just as remarkable urban, mostly nocturnal, prowess.

And to keep in touch with Japan even better, may we recommend again the UGLY WEAPON videos, featuring a few heads in common - most especially, their latest piece of output for now: "SAMMY".

Peace and love

From the Tokyo-based crew already behind (amongst some other madness) the twelve-minute video "PALE" (which you can still watch and rewatch, alongside an interview with filmmaker Kenta Okamoto, here), just popped up a new piece: "PEACE AND LOVE" is a five-minute VX-2000 edit which, as usual, turns out to be excellent on all levels. It's also marking a new chance to see the graceful styles of Ryusei Sakurai, Ryo Takahashi or Naoya Kato, for instance - and also to witness quite the waterfall of crazy spots and improbable kickflips, meeting only to better serve the strengths of Kenta's experimental editing. Just as a due reminder: Kenta's YouTube channel can be explored here!

Jump in the water

When the members of Japanese crew Ugly Weapon (already introduced on LIVE here) start daydreaming about some vacation time on the sea shore, apparently, their natural reaction is to make another VX-1000 edit of urban skating, most often of the nocturnal kind, and the timeline of which has to be shared by Herbie Hancock and the Beach Boys without an ounce of discrimination. Oh, and by a plethora of locals with killer style, too - have a gander!

And now my teardrops start...

Just some weeks ago, LIVE was introducing you to "MONO WEST TOKYO #2": a very solid VX-1000 edit straight out of the notoriously effervescent capital of Japan. Well, one has to give it to those guys that they do live up to such local reputation since today, we're already all the way up to "MONO WEST TOKYO #7" - the crew's YouTube channel being fed with new videos several times a month, from the looks of it and very frankly, all of them vibrating of the same positive energy within, smooth urban skateboarding, quality soundtracks and overall impeccable production, no one's going to complain! Anyway, this new chapter in the Mono saga consists - maybe more than ever - in a kaleidoscope of individual underground stylistic talents, with surprising moves aplenty for each - signifying that them guys are well in place already - with even a handful of S.F. clips thrown into the mix. Also worth mentioning: they just recently launched their own Instagram feed, for those willing to keep track of their adventures and general activity, which we surely hope you are!

Midnight caffeine

Just the other day, LIVE was suggesting "MONO WEST TOKYO #2" to you from a new crew just emerging out of the capital of Japan (and apparently quite excited to do so, as, since then, they've already managed to drop "MONO WEST TOKYO #3", which you can now watch here). Well, the local scene really seems in great shape as today, we get to introduce you to another new collective of die-hards, again: Ugly Weapon, whose Instagram is brand new but whose YouTube channel is packed with edits and various former audiovisual works - and it's looking like the guys have ties with KP Tokyo.

If they normally put the timeless Sony VX-1000 to great use, for this particular new production: "MIDNIGHT CAFFEINE", they instead favored a VHS camera, black and white aesthetics and Charlie Parker as the musical score. Although a classic recipe, the sauce can only work - especially when paired up with Kohei Hayashi, Ryusei Sakurai or Naoya Kato's smooth stylistic practices in the kitchen, for an eventual three minutes and a half of cooking time. Dinner is served!

On a side note, for those willing to extend the spiritual trip and also go back in time - VHS Mag has been keeping up with their uploads of classic Japanese skate videos and, after the recent sharing of the legendary "COLLECTIVE IMPROVISATION", the platform just let "SILENT WHITE" slip on YouTube, which one can find here. The video consists in twenty minutes of vintage Japanese street skateboarding intertwined with footage of various demos courtesy of DC Shoes, with the likes of Josh Kalis, Stevie Williams and all of 'em guys immortalized on tape sharing spots, tricks and moments with the locals.

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