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Well, it just so appears that the Italian folks running Meaningless Productions aren't playing around (or if they are, then they do it just right); after getting us all accustomed to Patrick Frunzio's skills behind the lens and computer, and all the while he's busy working on more, today, they are being represented by Matteo Ricci via "IMMORTALI": fifteen minutes just as beautifully crafted in a style typical of the one of the house, now well established, featuring a cascade of mostly Italian skateboarders sharing the dislike of getting stuck in one place it seems - indeed, the footage was collected all over Italy (Florence, Milan, Trieste, Naples, Rome...) but even beyond, too - from Slovenia to Los Angeles, and going through Malmö, Copenhagen and Barcelona... Exactly the nearly irresponsible stimulus one needs right now to fuel their hatred for quarantine - watch at your own risk!

Minkia Drama

Obviously, Milan-based skate filmer Patrick Frunzio really never stops - this clip here being his third quality audiovisual offering in three months (the previous ones - and more - can be watched here). Raffaele Pola doesn't seem to sleep long nights either, as said present clip consists in another 'web part' of him, only two months after his previous one, filmed in Amsterdam - one that had turned out to be so expensive, the duo settled for less foreign, more local grounds this time around. The result is as efficient as it gets, on both sides on the lens: Patrick's filming and editing style hits the right spot with some "STATIC"-reminiscing flavor, only complimenting Raffaele's inspired skating, focusing on exploiting Milan's architecture to its fullest potential for maximum impact, involving some genuine originality in the process. Street gap pop shove-it out of manny? We'll take it.

Quitting skating kills

Patrick Frunzio of Meaningless Productions (the man behind the one expensive video, Albert Heijn's customer quality checks and Ruben Spelta's latest part) is back with more stories always, as well as a new clip just as impactful as his previous offerings, since it's loaded with some neat unique and stylish moves by Niño Magana. This time though, the joke is that Niño had been waiting for Patrick to drop the clip online for so long, he literally quit skating in the meantime. Please do your part and help make the video title lie, for instance by bombarding Niño with Instagram Direct Messages breaking it down to him how plain wrong that is, or by going skating yourself, you know, for your own good in addition to the cause.

If Hummus't

Patrick Frunzio, the filmer behind Ruben Spelta's latest online thing amongst others (as he also does Meaningless Productions), recently got lost in Amsterdam in the company of Raffaele Pola and vague fantasies of new culinary experiences. A trip that cost a lot, literally, but also marked a victory under the form of this three-minute edit of raw street skating - and the presentation is complete, with quick cuts and black and white that hit just the right spot.

Spelta Mia

A brand new web part from Ruben Spelta, Magenta's newest chouchou, just hit the Internets straight out of the Quartersnacks oven. A special spelt-based pizza prepared by Patrick Frunzio, whose recipe comprises all the classic toppings: fresh VX-1000 clips, some hot chopped ledge dancing and even some Milano Centrale Stazione instances peppered here and there - for the heritage.

La dolce caravan

With La Dolce Vita Social Club, everything can start from an old caravan to restore. In this case we are talking about a small trip to discover unexplored areas around Sicily. Primitivo is the video that tells us everything about it through a nice palette of tricks (including a rather nice backside flip) between the desert spots, or even heavenly for some, and the Sicilian streets a little more lively.

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