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  1. Dom Henry alert!

    Our fellows over at Free Skate Mag just uploaded one more section from Sean Lomax's latest full-length video: "Cottonopolis", and it just happens to be our beloved Dom Henry's part that incredibly enough, also has to be - arguably - his best (a commendable feat given the man's steady quality output, and that his footage was apparently collected in a relatively short timespan). Indeed, in "Cottonopolis" Dom can be witnessed skating faster and more aggressively than ever, all the while never breaking out of his trademark smooth flow and making ledge prowess look offensively easy (that switch backside nosegrind shove especially looks like it felt good to land). And of course as always with Dom, we are talking about endless lines infused with nineties plaza flavor, complete with a strong note of switch stance and such a natural tendency towards consistency and form many witnesses are bound to reach consequential peaks of self doubt. All hail Dom Alexander the Third!

  2. Dom Henry / Premiere

    Type in the name of Dom(-inic) Henry in your favorite search engine, and you will soon face the necessity to put the kettle on, in order to properly appreciate the amount of footage that will appear in front of you… And you will not get bored from it, because the now Manchester local is talented, before being productive! Digging a lot of his inspiration from the best parts of the 90's, one can also note the influences coming from his multiple travels and stays around the various skate scenes of the world. Despite, in the end, pretty much embodying the ultimate UK skateboarder… Not that it matters, really, the best side of this part, filmed by Sean Lomax in his very own 4/3 HD format, is that it remind you that you should never be afraid to flip your board on red bricks ground, especially in fakie.
    This is with great pride we are premiering, as a Live exclusive, this new Dom Henry part, as a teaser to a follow-up interview!

  3. Dom Henry Alert!

    Watching Dom Henry do his street thing is always a treat, but you would already know that, but here, there is a little plus, as this edit is announcing that he is the very first European to be flown by the Politic gang. Must be some sort of red bricks connection… So, yep, this is only great news, here, one might say!
  4. Dom alert!

    Dom Henry, ladies and gentemen! That tech ya' need…
  5. Dom alert!

    Oops, we almost missed that Dom Henry part from the recent Politic Division! And considering the usual tech dexterity he showcases here, as always, even on the Brit-est possible spots, that would have been a shame…
  6. Dom' alert!

    The NB Numeric Italian squad recently went skating (really well) with their Brit counterparts on their own turf, but what we will keep out of all of it, is another demonstration of the homie Dom Henry's skills on uneven terrains!
  7. Senses working overtime

    "OVERTIME" is a new H.D. edit meticulously crafted by Adam Todhunter, consisting in just short of eight minutes of mostly British, sometimes Scottish cobblestone overcome by throbbing lines courtesy of some of the most exquisite crème de la crème of the local scene... and beyond - as alongside the stylish Tom DelionDom HenryKeanu Robson (himself quite the interesting filmmaker - try and catch a glimpse of "HAWAIIAN PEEL") and Conor Charleson amongst many others, Shinpei Ueno - boss of the Japanese production crew Tightbooth - also makes some remarkable appearances.

    The whole piece was mostly filmed in London over the course of last summer, but also on the occasional mission to Manchester, Stockport and Glasgow; it's hosted courtesy of the homies over at Free Skate Mag, used by Vague Skate Mag as the occasion to catch up with Shinpei for an interview in their latest issue, and only confirms that the incredible energy the U.K. scene is timelessly renowned for still runs oh-so-strong to this day, one of a now clearly universal skateboarding. Regardless of the time of day, and number of hours logged - too much work is never a thing when it comes to conveying such a spark.

  8. Meeting… Dom Henry!

    After premiering his introduction part to DVS shoes yesterday, it only made sense to catch-up with one of the most interesting character in UK skateboarding, for a long time now…

  9. Freedoom Henry!

    We had announced Feedoom recently with the PREMIERE of a part including Al Davis, and here is another excerpt from it, and a special one, as it features the homie Dom Henry! Some real good Dom, here, and lines for days!


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