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  1. Senses working overtime

    "OVERTIME" is a new H.D. edit meticulously crafted by Adam Todhunter, consisting in just short of eight minutes of mostly British, sometimes Scottish cobblestone overcome by throbbing lines courtesy of some of the most exquisite crème de la crème of the local scene... and beyond - as alongside the stylish Tom DelionDom HenryKeanu Robson (himself quite the interesting filmmaker - try and catch a glimpse of "HAWAIIAN PEEL") and Conor Charleson amongst many others, Shinpei Ueno - boss of the Japanese production crew Tightbooth - also makes some remarkable appearances.

    The whole piece was mostly filmed in London over the course of last summer, but also on the occasional mission to Manchester, Stockport and Glasgow; it's hosted courtesy of the homies over at Free Skate Mag, used by Vague Skate Mag as the occasion to catch up with Shinpei for an interview in their latest issue, and only confirms that the incredible energy the U.K. scene is timelessly renowned for still runs oh-so-strong to this day, one of a now clearly universal skateboarding. Regardless of the time of day, and number of hours logged - too much work is never a thing when it comes to conveying such a spark.

  2. Lanka

    We already knew that filmmaker James Craven chose the less beaten path more often than not, while managing to get some skating done, but this time, for a new Grey project, he goes for a different mood, as, for once refrain from going North, and heads closer to the Equator, and Sri Lanka, to see what's to be found there, with once again an ATV crew, if not more Francophone than usual. While keeping the same special mood that is his signature, by now.

  3. Lo-fi streets

    We had been introduced to Keanu Robson via his arrival at Landscape, and here you will find him confirm his "oh so British" style with a perfect blend of rough and tech, with some Mancunian flavor to boot… From Manchester, if you will. Good stuff, all captured in Hi-8, because why not?
  4. Your daily perspective

    Landscape has always held a special place in our collective little heart, notably for the individualities the brand has always managed to regroup, and the utterly British style of skateboarding they defend. And the new kid on the block, Keanu Robson, is in direct line of this history, from the nose bump sex change to the 50-50 backside flip. So, don't miss this edit, you'll be thankful for it!
  5. For Massey…

    In 2003, Chris Massey put Landscape skateboards, a young Brit brand on the map, by putting together their first full-length, Portraits, now a classic of what best the UK scene has to offer. After his recent passing, the Landscape hears wanted to pay their dues to Chris, and do here by doing what they do best!
  6. Over there…

    If the idea that a video project (whatever its subject might be) could even reach "must see" levels nowadays, the latest James Craven production, in conjunction with Grey Skate Mag, might be the only one to get there, in a mighty long time… Following the already striking Land, to transcend it and reach masterpiece level. There, we said it. And if the idea of showcasing the search for somewhere anew to put his wheels on is not new, it is treated here in a way that stay clear from the pseudo-epicness that mentally exhausts us everyday. But enough pontificating, do yourself good and enjoy this rare moment…

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