Korahn Gayle

Senses working overtime

"OVERTIME" is a new H.D. edit meticulously crafted by Adam Todhunter, consisting in just short of eight minutes of mostly British, sometimes Scottish cobblestone overcome by throbbing lines courtesy of some of the most exquisite crème de la crème of the local scene... and beyond - as alongside the stylish Tom DelionDom HenryKeanu Robson (himself quite the interesting filmmaker - try and catch a glimpse of "HAWAIIAN PEEL") and Conor Charleson amongst many others, Shinpei Ueno - boss of the Japanese production crew Tightbooth - also makes some remarkable appearances.

The whole piece was mostly filmed in London over the course of last summer, but also on the occasional mission to Manchester, Stockport and Glasgow; it's hosted courtesy of the homies over at Free Skate Mag, used by Vague Skate Mag as the occasion to catch up with Shinpei for an interview in their latest issue, and only confirms that the incredible energy the U.K. scene is timelessly renowned for still runs oh-so-strong to this day, one of a now clearly universal skateboarding. Regardless of the time of day, and number of hours logged - too much work is never a thing when it comes to conveying such a spark.

Marc-A 'lert!

Where our very own Marc-A follows a few renown British skater to South Africa, to see what is going on there… Oh, and he rips a few spots, there, the way he knows how!

UK stylez

As Palace just gave us all a master class on Londonian skateboarding past and present, it is a relatively recent resident that gives us here his very own take on the whole thing, and from beginning to the end, you can spot his Bristol origins, in the way he skates in the tech yet powerful manner his city has been renown for. Really great stuff, we tell you!

Lloyds call

Filming a full part that is worth something on a spot that is known as a classic one after being sessioned for a few decades is no small feat… Mike Arnold definitely is not your average Joe, as he demonstrates here! With an amazing nod/ode to the Bristol plaza that has been skated "forever" now, with an edit on the cutting edge of "now", while keeping the previous generations heritage in mind. This is going to be a classic, also. Mark those words.

Again and again

Well, here is the perfect follow-up to the "Safe" part and Marc-A Barbier 's interview, since he manages some cool featurings in this super Londonian edit… From Kyron Davis to Korahn Gayle, pretty much all sides of Oh So British skate styles are well represented, here. Oh, and one should spot that promising young man that goes by the name of Gillet.

Le Kyron!

This one almost slipped throuh the cracks, and it would have been a real shame, considering what Kyron Davis is giving us here: that great mix of that Brit tech on unsafe spots that we know him for, but stepped up a notch, here! Real good stuff from him, but also his mates…

Doggie stylie?

And, here's your dose of red bricks beautifully turned green by moss and time… Always a good start for your day, especially when it displays one Kyron Davis at home and at his best, like with that 2' 15" line, or that other one at 2' 38". Once again Grey proves its good taste, notably with what might be the best use of "spontaneous street singing" since the Virtual Reality credits.

NESW UK / West / Premiere

While waiting for the book, here is the final video episode (once again a Live exclusive) of the Nike Sb NESW project! Us foreigners will spot right away the legendary Bristol plaza spot, and also agree that Mister Chris Jones is on fire! Stay tuned as we will have copies of the print version of NESW for you to win real soon!

NESW UK / South / Premiere

Once again a Live exclusive, the video side of the NESW project keeps on unveiling –while the book edited by Henry Kingsford is still to come– showcasing the United Kingdom as seen by the local Nike SB riders… Here you shouldn't be too disorientated, since the South episode focuses on London, a city we often mention here. Still, most spots will not be familiar looking at all, which is a plus. And careful to not spit your hot cocoa through your nose when you'll be exposed to Tom Harrison final ollie!

Summer vibes

It's contagious: you can already see yourself sitting poolside in between sessions, waiting for the night cool air to hit the streets again… Ah, summer… Well, our destination might be less exotic, but who knows? What have you planned?

sweat and blood

Let's be frank, as Paris is under some tropical rain of sorts, it is quite nice to watch the gang complain about the heat, but still rip some super colorful spots, that make our own city look even more grey than it is…


We can't say no to a trip that leaves the classic destinations far off, and if the whole thing reminds us all of the often under estimated talent of Korahn Gayle, a true son of Liverpool skateboarding, all bases are covered!

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