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Bastien Marlin "Iretge" / 5W's!

"Iretge" is the title of the book telling the journey of artists ADEC, Brokovich and Arkane, gone to paint, perform, and build along the way. From the Vercors region to Carcassonne, they were bound to run into flesh-and-blood "iretges", and Bastien Marlin was one of them. Long-time skater and D.I.Y. enthusiast, he is just the iretge we needed, so why deprive ourselves of a small interview?

DIY DIG / Beaulieu

No need to think that long about it before stating –without fearing getting denied by anyone– that the DIY phenomenon might be the embodiment of skateboarding spirit (if there is one), in the sense that "making do with what you got" is the reality we all deal with, no matter where we happen to be on this planet. In order to get you exposed to it our very own way, we picked up two completely different projects in their history and form, to tell you about it, but also inspire. Thanks to the kind support of Vans, we managed to help each spot to grow a little, and the locals hands to get even dirtier… Not that they really need an extra push… This first episode is taking us to Beaulieu, a quiet corner of South of France, where an abandoned lot has been messed with since 1998, in good harmony with local authorities, and has had time to become a rallying point for all perfectly unperfected transitions lovers. Here is a new chapter of their adventure…

Lost Into The Wild / PREMIERE

Sure, adventure can –and usually will– be found at the end of one's street, but once in a while it is necessary to go seek a bit further, to get some fresh air… And that kick of oxygen, they sure got it, Bastien Marlin, Florian Cordier, Thomas Régnier and Jérémi Stadler, deep in the Eastern Pyrenees! Far from the cities, but still looking at it all with their skater eye… They sure found some spots, and the unconventional ones at that, but they also got the guts, to not say more, to tackle them! This one could get you antsy for some country time? A Live exclusive, for the day, enjoy!

Lost Into The Wild / Galerie

Tomorrow, we will premiere Lost Into The Wild, a Jérémi Stadler video, documenting a little trip through the Eastern Pyrenees, with Bastien Marlin, Florian Cordier, Thomas Régnier and Loïc Benoit behind his camera. In order to get you stoked on the pretty special spots they found, here are his pictures! Get ready for some eye candy…

The Side Stripe Tour / PREMIERE

As announced, Live Skateboard Media is presenting you –as an exclusive– the video (by Ben Chadourne) of the street side of the recent Vans France tour. From Victor Pellegrin to Nabil Slimani, ripping is a prerogative to that crew, and applied to all terrain! Bordeaux, Albi, or Toulouse, this will show you around many spots you've never seen before, all equally mistreated by the gang!

The Side Stripe Tour / Galerie

On Monday, we will premiere the latest video from the French Vans Team… To get you amped, in the meantime, here is a photo gallery of their wanderings around France.

naked truth

Nothing beats watching a bare chested line to be reminded that those times are over for quite a bit… And, yet, change to winter time is around the corner! Let's also salute a Valentin Bauer at his best here.

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