Daryl Angel

Boserio alert!

Always a good watch, that Nick, and as here, captured on film while traveling around California by train, one can only be glad to change its mind a bit in front of his screen!


We could feel you were in need of some Suciu, and a bit shaky, weren't you? Well, here you go, this should help you out to cope another week, as he is rolling with the Who's Who of San Jose's new generation.


Apart from the fact that all Jason Hernandez video productions are always on point, isn't Ishod's bowl line the proof that skateboarding in 2013 in a rather healthy state? Diversity, people, is key!

Tunnel Vision

Many good things, here, as expected, since San Jose keeps offering the world amazing skateboarders year after year (all quite different, noticeably!), and yes, Suciu steals the show once again with a few tricks defying logic (how many hours of footage has he put out since January?), but let’s note the young Bandon Nguyen –in one SF line and one spot attacked the other way around– change the “stuntman” general perception that has been attached to him…

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