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B. B. Kings

For this Sunday's brunch, it's one savant cocktail of savors that awaits you right now under the form of this edit by legendary N.Y.C. skate filmmaker R.B. Umali (yes, the one behind "MIXTAPE" for a golden-era Zoo York, amongst many other works). As its title suggests, we're talking a retrospective of footage collected throughout the decades and video productions, nowhere but at the mythical skate spot of Brooklyn Banks. One that just so happens to be under quite the imminent threat of destruction, by the way - a decision one can still help oppose via this petition right here. Anyway, in the silly hypothesis that such a landmark would need a video resume of sorts to certify its cultural importance to the masses, then this one would have to be it, featuring a who's who of some of the most classic East Coast styles and pretty much a compilation of the most memorable moves and moments ever spent on those bricks. Just look at that roster!

JKwon Mix Pt.1

Let's end a long work week with the first chapter of a new series: "JKWON MIX" - part one then, in this case - is how L.A.-based skate filmer Jacob Flores chooses to refer to his collection of clips collected at JKwon, which might resonate to our Parisian readers as the local equivalent to République. Laying at the bottom of the Radio Korea tower, the plaza is notorious for its ledges, its steep banks, its ledges, Guy Mariano's handrail and last but not least its ledges, too. So, for this first installment, be prepared for some stimuli to the beat of the landings of Ishod Wair (we've seen worse), hereby captured cruising through the spot and rifling down tricks with ease all the while making the viewer feel like they're part of the session. Finally, "JKWON MIX PT.1" also marks the announcement of Jacob's new company: Shoplift for which he's working on a full-length video already - and that's in between more JKwon sessions to come as the show must go on on every stage!

D.J. Dub's tip: "Dub"

Philadelphia, P.A.'s M.V.P. crew Sabotage is back with "Dub", a web clip orchestrated and executed by Brian Panebianco who - side note - happens to kill it on both ends of the lens. Kevin Liedtke and Tyler Dietterich are, officially, the primary focus of this new production but in reality, most everyone part of or tight with the crew has at least a clip, from Mark Suciu to Jamal Smith or say, Dylan Sourbeer, Ishod Wair or Kevin Bilyeu. Quite improbably, Sabotage just seems to (somehow) better itself with every new output - both the skating and editing are as sharp as they get, as though since the locals lost LOVE Park (a classic spot the decline of which has been documented by, notably, Euro Jon), a certain rage drove them to go all out on rampages through the entirety of the city of brotherly love. Even those who only made it as far away as across the street, to skate Muni, could teach a class of ledge finesse or six - maybe twelve.

TJ alert!

Dat' nollie heel, and Ishod as a guest: need anything else!?

Ishod alert!

Well, it had been a minute!!!


Street form

The hills of San Francisco, even after all those years, still remain one hell of a test to whoever claims street skills, and it had been a while since we had seen Alex Olson there. Rest assured, he passes it with flying colors! What about Ishod, you ask? Guess…

Ishod alert!

Where the man manages to terrorize Phillyside with complete smoothness, before filming a nollie flip 50-50 on a round handrail for a homie video!


How about some Touzery on Buccheri's turf? Head this way, please. Plus the rest of the crew isn't half bad, either.


How else are you supposed to describe what those three make any spot encountered endure!? Talk about a criminal trio… Have you ever seen worst better? Now, about whoever complains about the music, or the amount of frames per second, well, you are officially old and tired…


Yep, it is Ishod…



The ever explosive Cyrus, Roman in full finesse, a Max Palmer at his best, pretty much every New-Yorker you dig and a Touzery for the grand finale… Wait, you haven't cicked, yet!?

Philly alert!

Where we find out some die-hards still skate LOVE park, or should we say its ruins… Oh, and that the city has way more to offer than its classic spot! But that we knew already, thanks to Chris Mulhern amongst others!


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