Ishod Wair

TJ alert!

Dat' nollie heel, and Ishod as a guest: need anything else!?

Ishod alert!

Well, it had been a minute!!!


Street form

The hills of San Francisco, even after all those years, still remain one hell of a test to whoever claims street skills, and it had been a while since we had seen Alex Olson there. Rest assured, he passes it with flying colors! What about Ishod, you ask? Guess…

Ishod alert!

Where the man manages to terrorize Phillyside with complete smoothness, before filming a nollie flip 50-50 on a round handrail for a homie video!


How about some Touzery on Buccheri's turf? Head this way, please. Plus the rest of the crew isn't half bad, either.


How else are you supposed to describe what those three make any spot encountered endure!? Talk about a criminal trio… Have you ever seen worst better? Now, about whoever complains about the music, or the amount of frames per second, well, you are officially old and tired…


Yep, it is Ishod…



The ever explosive Cyrus, Roman in full finesse, a Max Palmer at his best, pretty much every New-Yorker you dig and a Touzery for the grand finale… Wait, you haven't cicked, yet!?

Philly alert!

Where we find out some die-hards still skate LOVE park, or should we say its ruins… Oh, and that the city has way more to offer than its classic spot! But that we knew already, thanks to Chris Mulhern amongst others!

Charles' tip: Ishod!

"Caught red handed in full nonchalance, even where it could kill you!" Plus we hadn't seen new footage of him for a few days, right?



A nicely put together edit featuring most of the people you really want to see skating these days, that nobody has told you about? Tempting? Well, here you go, it's on us…

Not so anonymous…

Here is a little (well, rather large) piece of evidence to add to the "Ishod case", with a trip to Japan that will make you think you are part of it… With quite the crew to boot! And about that last spot Ishod skates, well… What to say?


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