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So, it was worth waiting a bit, wasn't it!? Mark Suciu just dropped the part that has supposedly been on hold for weeks now for one trick, and word in French restaurants is that he went back for it about twenty times… One can appreciate the motivation, but let's celebrate the diversity with which Mark uses his talent. This part got something for you, no matter what you dig, and everything is top notch!

Return of the Mark (Suciu)!

We know you were a bit worried… Suciu had not released any era defining part in months, and we had grown used of a life regularly uplifted by the innovation with a touch of class of Mark. Well, rest assured, he was just stacking clips for this, and this came out great… To say the least!

Trip out…

Talk about killing it… The Adidas team is know for its ability to adapt to about any terrain, with class, but this trip to Japan allows us to realize how far skateboarding has gone into something amazing to watch territories. And, in the end, just like in football, Germany wins. Well, in our case, Dennis does!


Where Brandon Nguyen gives us his own (and therefore in complete control) take on the Nippon street, in a quasi-perfect autumnal vibe, while reminded us a often disregarded fact: if Belle and Sebastien can not seriously qualify as "Skate Rock", the band sure has helped the general soundtrack derails more than on a few occasion over the years, which is always a good thing!

(Almost) raw Alien!

A look back at Bunker Down, first real project of the revived Alien Workshop, with the totality of the footage produced for it during a Detroit trip. Prepare yourself for a lot of skating, in the ever so-photogenic quasi-ghost town, and a nice windown into the "real level" of the crew, on a daily basis. Let's actually note the omnipresence of Brandon Nguyen, whatever the spot might be!

The hour is now

So, here it is… The first video offering from a rebirthed Alien Workshop, Bunker Down! And debates are about to explode. Should the Workshop have survived with a new team? Is "tradition" respected? When everybody that has been following Alien Workshop since it very first advertisement in a magazine – quite the enigmatic one– will tell you how many times the brand has risen from the ashes many times, sometimes going from empty shell with no real rider anymore to cult subject again sometimes overnight. Will it be the case this time? Well, the youth will decide… Sorry, old farts. You had your Workshop, whichever it was, and it is now time for a new generation to decide if they should have one.

From our side, we will note here a surprising Max Garson that puts his name on the map in the matter of a couple lines!


In place

A little Who's Who of San Jose skateboarding, this edit is a nugget in terms of "homie vid'"… And, yes, Suciu does have a mini part in there, don't worry!


Clark Hassler.


Collabos can be cool, but Atlas skateshop is involved, you know it's taking another level! And, no, Mark Suciu isn't the only one getting some shine, here…

Your Suciu dose

From complex lines at Love Park to tricks that don't even have a name yet on rails, Mark Suciu is at the top of his game, here, and before all reassures all that were starting to worry that he hadn't dropped a full part for more than three weeks… Jokes aside, you really should cope Sabotage 3.


We'll never thank enough Atlas, a Californian skateshop, for this contribution to our campaign in order to get the Parisian skaters out of the renovated République plaza! If only those Suciu lines could give back the exploration bug to the locals…

Tunnel Vision

Many good things, here, as expected, since San Jose keeps offering the world amazing skateboarders year after year (all quite different, noticeably!), and yes, Suciu steals the show once again with a few tricks defying logic (how many hours of footage has he put out since January?), but let’s note the young Bandon Nguyen –in one SF line and one spot attacked the other way around– change the “stuntman” general perception that has been attached to him…


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